Dutch Equestrian Federation Names Paralympic Long-Listed Combinations for Paris

Tue, 01/23/2024 - 21:20
The Netherlands
Annemarieke Nobel  and Doo Schufro at the 2023 Dutch Para Dressage Championships in Ermelo :: Photo © Digishots

The Dutch equestrian federation has named the Paralympic long listed combinations that are in the running for the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games. 

Dutch team captain Joyce Heuitink-van Rooijen drafted the long-list from which the team will be picked. 

"I'm already looking forward to the Paralympics in Paris," Joyce commented. "We're facing a nice season with three observation competitions with the riders I have long-listed. It promises to be a thrilling battle because there is much breadth at the top in The Netherlands. I hope for a season with fit horses and riders in which everyone can prepare themselves optimally."

The Dutch long-listed paralympic pairs are:

  • Loes Cevaa - Grade II - Happy Hero II and Dolce Gabbana
  • Maud Haarhuis  - Grade III - Baron
  • Demi Haerkens  - Grade IV - Daula  
  • Rixt van der Horst  - Grade III - Akuna Matata and Royal Fonq 
  • Frank Hosmar  - Grade V - Alphaville N.O.P.
  • Melissa Janssen - Grade IV - Royal Rubinstein
  • Britney de Jong - Grade V - Caramba
  • Lotte Krijnsen - Grade III - Rosenstolz
  • Annemarieke Nobel  -  Grade I  - Doo Schufro
  • Claire Overweg - Grade I - Jackson B
  • Maud de Reu  - Grade III  - Webron
  • Sanne Voets - Grade IV  - Demantur 

Photo © Digishots

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