2024 Oldenburg Spring Elite Auction Collection Now Online

Sat, 03/09/2024 - 11:40
Oldenburg Auctions

From now on, the collection of the 101st Spring Elite Auction with the 13th Saddle Licensing on 12 - 13 April  2024 is presented online with photos, videos, and detailed descriptions.

Take a look at the high-quality riding horses now and find your future sports partner for the dressage arena or the jumping course. Details of the stallions available for sale will be provided on March 28th.

Find Your Next Star

Whether you're looking for a talented youngster or an experienced routineer for the upcoming competition season, the collection impresses with diverse and high-quality options for both dressage and jumping. Experience an exciting auction day on April 13th, starting at 2:00 PM, at the Oldenburg Horse Center Vechta and secure your desired candidate for sport or breeding.

Starting from March 23rd, you have the opportunity to test ride your favorite at the Oldenburg Horse Center Vechta. The stallions available for sale can also be test-ridden on auction day, April 13th, between 12:00 and 1:00 PM. Our team is happy to assist you in making the right choice and will arrange a suitable appointment with you.

Visit the riding horse collection here: www.oldenburger-auktion.com 

New Sign-Up

Of course, you can conveniently bid for your favorite by phone or, newly, through the HORSE24 platform online. If you don't have a valid account on HORSE24 yet, please register in advance. For technical issues, please contact the HORSE24 support team. 

If you have any questions about the auction, please contact the staff at the Oldenburg Auction Office. Our team is here to fulfill your wishes as usual.

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