FEP Board Confirms Trust in and Continuance with Team Trainer Kyra Kyrklund

Wed, 05/22/2024 - 11:17
Photo © Astrid Appels

Following the resignation of vice president and dressage selector Luís Júdice Faísca, the Portuguese Equestrian Federation has made one change to its governing body. 

"By unanimous decision of the board management and supported by the the equestrian community, the functions related to the disciplines of Dressage, ParaDressage and Working Equitation will be carried out by the President, who will immediately assume duties," FEP press release dated 20 May 2024 stated.

FEP's president and managing director is Bruno Alfredo Pinto Rente (49), who was elected to this position for a four-year term in 2020. He beat Ana Maria de Sousa Jordã in the race.

On  9 May 2024 Luís Júdice Faísca handed in his resignation and wrote an open letter published on Equisport citing "clear abuse of power and usurpation of functions" within the federation as reason for his sudden resignation. He accused team trainer Kyra Kyrklund of taking over and controlling his functions. 

The FEP board has re-confirmed its trust in Kyrklund.

"With the focus on developing equestrian sport in a contemporary, sustainable, and structured manner, ensuring the integrity and well-being of the athlete, equality of opportunity, and a fair and ethical partnership with the horse, we will remain united and continue to create the best conditions for our athletes," FEP stated.

"We inform you that the current framework will remain, with the technical team of Kyra Kyrklund, Bruno Miranda, and António Frutuoso de Melo always available for any clarification and support for the athletes and their teams," FEP explained.

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