KWPN Select Sale Launches Unique Auction at 2024 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses

Sun, 07/07/2024 - 15:54
KWPN Select Sale
Four Legends was the auction price highlight during the 2016 World Championships in Ermelo. He sold for 605,000 euro

For the 25th time, the Dressage World Breeding Championship for Young Horses will take place. This international spectacle brings together the absolute top of five-, six- and seven-year-old dressage horses, and guarantees amazing dressage sport. From all over the world, dressage enthusiasts come together.

Something new will be added to this world stage this year: a very exclusive auction for dressage foals and talented three-, four-, five- and six-year-old dressage horses from various studbooks.

KWPN Select Sale

Behind the organisation of this unique, new auction, is the KWPN Select Sale. The KWPN is one of the co-organizers of the Dressage World Breeding Championship for Young Horses and the KWPN Select Sale is one of the most prestigious auctions in the world. Combining these forces creates a platform where the best dressage foals and young dressage horses are presented and sold to an international audience. 

The stage of global dressage sport

"The Dressage World Breeding Championship for Young Horses is the stage of the global dressage sport. This offers plenty of opportunities for riders, owners, breeders, stallion owners and other dressage sport enthusiasts. This group is always on the lookout for new talent; we think this auction responds exactly to this need. There is no better stage for the dressage horse", explains Ralph van Venrooij, KWPN Head of Breeding Department.

Champions of foreign studbooks

Ralph van Venrooij continued: "The selection committee consists of Nico Witte, Rom Vermunt and Sjaak van der Lei. These men have a flair for a better dressage horse and dressage foal. The auction is open to all studbooks, we want to give foreign studbooks the opportunity to offer their champions in this auction. It is really about presenting an exclusive collection on this world stage. Horses that we will hopefully see back in the ring at the World Championships in a few years' time." 

"There is no better stage for the dressage horse"

"It is fantastic that the studbook organises this auction and that the World Cup gives us this opportunity. We are now building on the customer base of the KWPN Select Sale. The KWPN Select Sale has proven itself for years and that gives horse owners and bidders a lot of confidence. It is not another new auction that has to start from scratch, but one that has already more than earned its spurs. There is no better stage for the dressage horse”, explains Nico Witte, part of the selection committee. 

"Really interesting"

"The foals and dressage horses have to be really exceptional. It is all about top quality and I can already say that we have found some very interesting and very good foals. And when I say interesting, I mean really interesting", says Nico Witte. In addition to the better dressage foals, the collection also includes three-year-old dressage horses and four- to six-year-old, ridden dressage horses. Foreign-registered horses are also eligible. "The foreign studbooks will also have the opportunity to enter their better horses in this exclusive auction."

Auction on 7 September

The auction will take place on Saturday 7 September, ahead of the final of the five-year-olds, in the main arena of the World Championships. It is possible to bid for these top talents both live and online. "In the main arena as well as at prime time, when everyone is sitting there. Super nice that we can do that on Saturday afternoon," enthuses Nico Witte. All dressage horses must have a full veterinary examination, both clinical and x-rays including back and neck photos. X-rays should be no more than three months old. We would like to receive videos of the movement of the foal and the three-year-old dressage horses and a riding video of the four-year-old and older dressage horses when registering.

Video day

The photo and video day will be organised on Monday 29 July, also at the KWPN Centre in Ermelo.

Do you have questions about the auction or would you like to register a very interesting, well-moving, correct dressage foal/dressage horse? Then send the details of your foal/horse and a video to or call 0341-255 511.

The team is happy to help you.