Danish NF President Dan Boyter: "We Act Matter-of-Factly, Promptly and Resolutely"

Wed, 07/10/2024 - 17:48
Dan Boyter :: Photo © Ridehesten

Dan Boyter, the president of the Danish equestrian federation, gave an interview to Ridehesten in which he reacted to the video which led Carina Cassoe Kruth to no longer being eligible for the Danish Olympic reserve team spot.

The Danish equestrian federation received the video on Sunday evening.

"The video is from February 2022 and lasts approx. 12-13 seconds. What we see on the video is in violation of the DRF's common regulations, which is of course not compatible with a selection for the Olympics," said Boyter. 

Boyter also told Ridehesten that "we act matter-of-factly, promptly and resolutely. Good horse welfare is a basic prerequisite for equestrian sport, and DRF's common regulations must be observed by all. In the event of a breach of the common provisions, DRF reports the cases to the disciplinary committee, which is DRF's adjudicating body in these cases.

Dan Boyter further stated, "I have great respect for the Cassøe family's way of acting in a very difficult situation for them."

Full article on Ridehesten.

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