Stable Wing For Rent at First-class, Five-Star Equestrian Centre with Flair Near Düsseldorf

Tue, 12/05/2023 - 11:20
Stable Wing for Rent
Gut Hohenkamp in Dorsten, Germany

Gut Hohenkamp offers an individual stable wing (separate stable wing with 20 window boxes and private tack room, half stable wing or single boxes) or several boxes for rent to professional riders who intend to build a business or dedicated amateur riders at a private, first class equestrian centre with flair near Düsseldorf, Germany, in the heart of the German horse country, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Gut Hohenkamp is a high standard five star modern equestrian training centre for dressage, show jumping and eventing.

Our focus are international and national sport riders who can train here in a private atmosphere. 

Top Level Training Facilities

The exclusive and stylish yard offers top-level training facilities and top footing within stunning surroundings:

* 2 indoor arenas:
-  Main dressage arena (20mx65m): light dressage arena with big windows and mirrors, top footing, nicely tempered and insulated
- Second indoor arena (30mx80m): for dressage, hand work, cavaletti training or show jumping with covered lunging area

Indoor arena
3 outdoor arenas:
- 2 dressage arenas (20mx60m each)
- 1  show jumping arena (40mx80m) with a new design course

Walker: covered, appropriate for stallions
2 lunging circles: indoor (covered) and outdoor (surrounded by a green hedge)
* Several sand paddocks: appropriate for stallions
* Numerous green fields: open summer and winter
Gallop track: 1000m within stunning surroundings on private property

Cross country course: cross-country obstacles and green hills for climbing on private property
Hacking tracks: in own forest within private property

Daily mucking out of boxes
5 feedings: 3 times per day horse muesli, pellets or oat; 2 times per day excellent quality hay
Wellness for horses: solarium, warm water washing places, outdoor cool water bassin
* Private tack rooms.

The riders and owners lounge and the wonderful terrace provide an outstanding view in the indoor dressage arena, on the outdoor arenas and the beautiful surroundings.

The beautiful and well cultivated yard of over 30 hectares has a large number of green fields (open all year long) as well as its own forest for hacking and relaxing.

Five-Star Equestrian Centre

Modern stable wing with window boxes
Gut Hohenkamp is beautifully located within a fascinating country park. There is a lot of space for privacy.

Top-class services are provided by the professional and horse friendly team of Gut Hohenkamp including feeding and paddock/field turnout.

Our qualified personnel offers high quality horse feed (3 times per day horse muesli, pellets or oat, 2 times per day excellent hay).  The Gut Hohenkamp team is very experienced in handling and taking care of international high performance sport horses. 

Stallions are very welcome.

Well-Being of Horses and Riders

Gut Hohenkamp is strongly focused on the well-being of horses and riders. 

Several spa treatments as solarium, warm water washing places and an outdoor cool water bassin at a beach area are available for horses. Well equipped private tack rooms and truck parking spaces are provided. 

The well-being of the horse comes first

Gut Hohekamp has been several times rewarded by the German Equestrian Federation (FN) with five stars, the highest award. It is the only equestrian centre in the region with this top-class reputation. 

Sabine Haag Molkenteller, the founder of Gut Hohenkamp, is a passionate Grand Prix rider.  She designed and developed a new modern and stylish equestrian centre in Dorsten close to Düsseldorf for 100 horses. The yard owner is very proud about the price winning „Best German equestrian centre“.

Gut Hohenkamp welcomes dressage, show jumping and eventing riders.

Internationally renowned dressage and show jumping trainers provide top-level training and clinics.
A new challenging design course is available for ambitious show jumping riders.

Top conditions for horse care and training
A nice apartment can be provided at Gut Hohenkamp.

Nearby motorways and airports of Düsseldorf and Dortmund make access and travelling convenient.

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