Johan Rockx' Surprise Act in Ksiaz, Poland

Sun, 06/25/2000 - 00:00
Dutch Dressage News

Dutch dressage rider Johan Rockx was the jack-in-the-box at the international dressage competition in Ksiaz, Poland.

Making his Grand Prix debut on the Dutch warmblood gelding Kondor, Rockx placed second twice behind the experienced Russian rider Nina Menkova on the Russian Trakehner Post.

Even though the trip to Poland took 25 hours trip, Kondor was fresh as a bird and scored 65,95% in his first test, the Intermediaire II. In the Grand Prix Rockx, who runs a dressage barn in Belgium with his wife Penny Zavitz, settled for a third spot with a 66,60% test. Kondor pushed up the score to the magical seventies in the freestyle. With 72,66% Rockx placed second again behind Menkova and immediately attracked international interest in his bay Aram gelding.