Finnish Terhi Stegars Relocates to Luxembourg

Wed, 11/03/2010 - 13:00
Finnish Dressage News

Finnish international Grand Prix rider Terhi Stegars has relocated in Luxemburg as new head rider of Stable "A bis Grand Prix" in Befort, replacing Danish Fie Skarsoe who decided to take a new turn in life.

Terhi Stegars is a Finnish team rider known for working mostly with famous Trakehner stallions such as Axis and Payano. Stegars has worked in the past with renowned trainers Jürgen Böckmann, Reinhard Nielsen and Dolf Dietram Keller. Her recent collaboration with Holger Schmezer is already bearing fruits.

Terhi Stegars will be seconded by Carolin Töpel from Germany. Caroline joins “A bis Grand Prix” after a 10-year stint at Dorothee Schneider’s Stable.

Stegars and young hopeful Caroline Töpel are teaming up with Steffi Grosse, who has been in Luxembourg since 2009. Stable “A bis Grand Prix” is looking forward to its 25th anniversary in 2011.

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