Vilhelmson-Silfven Premiers New Freestyle for Don Auriello at 2012 World Cup Finals

Wed, 04/18/2012 - 17:24
2012 World Cup Finals

Swedish Grand Prix rider Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfven will be premiering a brand new freestyle "Who's Anton" for her rising star Don Auriello at the 2012 World Cup Finals in 's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, on Saturday 21 April 2012.

Produced and arranged by Dutch Cees Slings and his team, this new kur to music is based on music from The Who's rock musical Tommy. Slings and Vilhelmseon believes that The Who's majestic swinging tunes with lots of gitars and brass befits the long legged Hanoverian Don Auriello (by Don Davidoff x White Star), who is nick-named Anton.

"Cees came up with the idea for The Who, like he did with It's Broadway," Vilhelmson told Eurodressage. "With music from The Who and Tommy he made a rough demo for me and it was love at first "hear". It felt very comfortable. The tempo and the rhythm are so precise to Anton. It's very original too. It's orchestral and not classic. It's classic rock and very Olympic style."

Vilhelmson spent the winter in Florida with a string of horses. The show season there was extremely fruitful for her two top horses, Favourit and Don Auriello, with the latter outshining his stall mate and turning into Tinne's torch-bearer in pursuit of an Olympic berth this year.

"Going to Florida has been perfect for both me and my horses; being able to train and show in a good environment," Vilhelmson admitted. "The climate and the closeness to the shows make a big difference compared to Swedish winter and a three day's drive to the indoor shows in Europe."

Vilhelmson qualified Don Auriello for the 2012 World Cup Finals and she is bringing Favourit along for the CDI-tour in 's Hertogenbosch this week, giving the audience the opportunity to see her ride her two spectacular new freestyles at De Brabanthallen.

After Den Bosch, Tinne will start the outdoor season in Lingen and Rotterdam with as main focus London. Antonia Ax:son-Johnson's 10-year old dark bay Don Auriello has certainly surprised his rider by becoming the new number one in her barn.

"He's a born athlete," she stated. "He's is not only a great mover, but he's got a fantastic character as well. He loves being "the center of attention" so going to the big shows suits him prefectly. But he's still young so sometimes he gets a bit overly ambitious."

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