Licor, Champion of the 2020 NRPS Stallion Licensing

Sun, 03/15/2020 - 08:55
Licor (by Vivaldi x Charmeur) :: Photo © Sandra Nieuwendijk

NRPS, a smaller Dutch breeding studbook of sport horses and ponies, has approved 36 new colts for breeding at its 2020 NRPS Stallion Show in Ermelo, The Netherlands, on Sunday 8 March 2020.  Seventeen of those are dressage bred. 

Thirty stallions had already been approved at the 2020 NRPS Licensing held on 14 February 2020, but one of those was withdrawn. The stallions had to reappear at the Stallion Show on 8 March for final approval.

Remarkably two of the colts were approved at a late licensing and then a further five were approved at what the NRPS calls "advice licensings", which can be compared to a private, home licensing.

The dressage licensing champion was approved at such a "private licensing." He is the KWPN bred Licor (by Vivaldi x Charmeur). 

Licor sold as a foal at the 2016 Excellent Dressage Sales for 17,000 euro and was again offered for sale as a 3-year old at the 2019 Excellent Dressage Sales. 

The reserve champion is For Moray Pomona (by For Romance x Ferro). The third ranked stallion is Glamour van de Anjerhof (by Glamourdale x Sandreo). 

The approved dressage lot includes

  • Licor (by Vivaldi x Charmeur) (private licensing)
  • For Moray-Pomona (by For Romance x Ferro)
  • Glamour van de Anjershof (by Glamourdale x Sandreo)
  • Capri's Jim Beam (by Capri Sonne jr. x Hexagon's Louisville) (private licensing)
  • Depay (by Don Joe x Hohenstein)
  • Don Charming Baron (by Don Deluxe x Charmeur)
  • For Moqueen (by For Romance x Apache)
  • François (by Blue Hors Farrel x Cantos)
  • Gorgeous Black Art (by Toto jr. x Rubiquil) (private licensing)
  • Glenn (by George Clooney x Everdale)
  • Irvin (by Inspire x Negro)
  • J. Marin de Jeu (by Johnson x Gribaldi)
  • Latino (by Toto jr. x Rubiquil) (private licensing)
  • Matteo (by Toto jr. x Rubiquil) (private licensing)
  • Ruiz (by Rock Forever x Fürst Heinrich)
  • Sir Kemeldo MVK (by Spielberg x Goodtimes)
  • Dazzling Colours van de Rheehoeve (by Kaleido's Don Pedro x Bacelor NH) (certified)

In the pony category New Edition M (by No Limit x Calido-G) was named champion, while Ducati du Bois (by Diamond Touch x Der Harlekin B) became the reserve champion.

Photo © Sandra Nieuwendijk

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