Prada Boa T, Best Seller of 2020 KWPN Future Dressage Foal Auction

Tue, 09/22/2020 - 06:29
KWPN Foal Auctions
Prada Boa T (by Lennox U.S. x Florencio) :: Photo © Anniek de Wit

Prada Boa T became the best seller of the next KWPN Online Foal auction in the series of 2020, which concluded on 21 September 2020.

This auction was named "KWPN Future Dressage Foal Auction."

The typey black Prada Boa T (by Lennox U.S. x Florencio) sold for 26,000 euro to a Spanish client. She is bred by Angèle Toonen.

The second most expensive foal was Pompidou Reikja S (by For Ferrero x Guardian S) which moves to Denmark for 16,000 euro. 

British clients secured filly Promathika M (by Ladignac x Andretti) for 11,000 euro. 

The black filly Prada VDP (by Le Formidable x Apache) will stay in Holland for 7,000 euro, while Phelim (by Livius.x Santano) moves to Ireland for 6,500 euro.  

Pac-Man (by Jameson x Dream Boy) had a bidding price of 6,500 euro and will stay in Holland. 

Belgian clients secured Patron (by Taminiau x Jazz) for 6,500 euro.

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