Gretchen Grey and Felino Win 2020 Austrian Warmblood Foal Championship

Wed, 09/23/2020 - 07:09
Austrian Warmblood
Gretchen Grey (by Sir Donnerhall x Don Diamond x Ex Libris) :: Photo © Team Myrtill

The filly Gretchen Grey and the colt Felino became the dressage winners of the 2020 Austrian Warmblood Foal Championship which took place in Stadl Paura on 19 September 2020. 

No less than 73 dressage and show jumping bred horse foals as well as pony foals travelled to Stadl Paura for the 36th edition of the Austrian Warmblood Championships. 

The judges for the foal championship were Germans Hans Heinrich Brüning and Helmut Feigl.

Gretchen Grey

With 23 fillies competing their division, the class was well filled. Gretchen Grey (by Sir Donnerhall x Don Diamond x Ex Libris) was named the Filly Foal Champion. Bred by Leser, she was one of the youngest of the bunch, being born on 2 June 2020, but already impressed the judges with her type (9.5). Her final score was 9.17 points. 

"She's a foal with much charm, a lot of expression and a very nice sport horse neck, yet feminine in her total expression. She has loose, elastic, cadenced gaits. She's something very special," said judge Brüning."

Two fillies got the reserve champion title with a score of 9.0 points. Khaleesi MBH (by Viva Gold), bred and owned by Petra and Stefan Wiesenberger, stood out with her rectangular model, muscled hindquarters and dry legs. Sintra N (by Foundation x Diamond Hit x Lord Liberty) , bred by Nina Krasny, impressed with her size and self confidence.


Felino (by Fantastic x Don Juan de Hus)
Eighteen colts presented themselves in Stadl Paura and Felino (by Fantastic x Don Juan de Hus) topped the board and became the champion. Bred by Bachmayr-Fischer family and born in May, Felino scored 9.17 points. 

"He has a super type and moved well in all phases of the presentation, especially in the frontleg," said judge Feigl. "In trot he never lost his self carriage. It was in incredibly impressive, sovereign presentation that he gave. If you were to criticise one thing, he could have presented himself a bit more proudly, but we gladly excuse him that."

The crowd favourite was the reserve champion Fibonacci (by Fabergé EP x Donnerhall EIH x Rohdiamant). With a score of 9.0 in total and 9.5 for type and 9.0 for movements, Fibonacci finished second. He is bred by Julia Aschaber and was praised for his total package. "He's an eye catcher, chic, modern, self confident," said judge Feigl."

Cadeau Du Ciel Offspring Stand Out in Pony Division

The offspring of pony stallion Cadeaux du Ciel, which means "Gifts from Heaven, stood out at the 2020 Austrian Warmblood Championships. The 2019 Austrian Pony Stallion licensing champion certainly catered to the Austrian market and presented his first crop of foals this year.

The filly champion was Bergerhof’s Maleficent (by Dreidimensional x ) with a score of 8,83 points, while the reserve filly champion was Nasty (by Cadeau du Ciel), bred by Franziska Sturzlinger, with a score of 8,67 points.

The colt champion was Bonbon de Coco (by Cadeaux du Ciel x Blanchet x Nobody), bred by Klaus Russinger and Katrin Radlgruber. He scored 9,17 points. The reserve champion was Cadeau Petite (by Cadeaux du Ciel x Special Dream TCF), bred by Hedwig Eder, with 9.0 points.

Photos © Team Myrtill

Results - 2020 Austrian Warmblood Foal Championship - Stadl Paura


  • 1. Gretchen Grey (by Sir Donnerhall I) -  9,17 (Breeder & Owner.: Sportpferdezucht Leser)
  • 2. Khaleesi MBH (by Viva Gold) -  9,00 (Breeder & Owner: Petra u. Stefan Wiesenberger)
  • 2. Sintra N (by Foundation) -  9,00 (Breeder & Owner: Nina Krasny)
  • 4. Glücksfee-STH (by Vitalis) -  8,83 (Breeder & Owner: Claudia Wuggenig)
  • 4. Deja Vu (by Don Nobless) -  8,83 (Breeder & Owner: Christian Rainer)
  • 6.Supreme KH (by Vivaldos) -  8,67 Breeder & OwnerMartina Khom)
  • 6. Coco Chanel (by Secret) -  8,67 (Breeder & OwnerFamilie Holzleitner)
  • 6. Dantes Florentina (by Floriscount) -  8,67 (Breeder & Owner: Hedwig Eder)
  • 9. Cäcilia K (by Glamourdale) -  8,50 (Breeder & OwnerWolfgang Kromose)
  • 9. Waldfee (by Gouvernant VDL) -  8,50 (Breeder & Owner Theres Huber)
  • 9. Uneea MB (by Floricello OLD) -  8,50 (Breeder & Owner: Michael & Barbara Hage)
  • 9. Scala’s Bond Girl (by Bon Courage) -  8,50 (Breeder & Owner: Roman & Marina Kienast)
  • 9.: Bailey „F“ (by Franziskus) -  8,50 (Breeder & Owner: Gerhard Flacher)


  • 1. Felino (by Fantastic) -  9,17 (Breeder & Owner: Familie Bachmayr-Fischer)
  • 2. Fibonacci (by Fabergé EP) -  9,00 (Breeder & Owner: Julia Aschaber)
  • 3. Valesco Royal DK (by Vaderland) -  8,83 (Breeder.: Klaus Durits - Owner: Vanessa Schiefer)
  • 3. Besito (by Bernay) -  8,83 (Breeder & Owner: Eva Fischhuber & Karl Spindelberger)
  • 5. Fürst Fidelio SA (by Feinrich) -  8,67 (Breeder: Lebrecht Angerer - Owner: Magdalena Meyer)
  • 6. Vantastico’s Hit (by Van Austria) -  8,50 (Breeder: Thomas & Esther Blumschein- Owner: Marlene Aicher)
  • 6. Fizzers Fritz (by Finest) -  8,50 (Breeder & Owner: Familie Pichler)
  • 6. Frederic MB (by Floricello OLD) -  8,50 (Breeder & Owner: Barbara & Michael Hager)
  • 6. Zar Nikolaus (by Zoom) -  8,50 (Breeder & Owner: Thomas Köberl)

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