Vitalis, Best Represented Sire at 2020 Oldenburg Stallion Licensing

Tue, 10/13/2020 - 10:55
Lordswood Bernstein SL (by Bonds x Quaterback x Rohdiamant)

The Oldenburg breed society has announced the list of 2.5 year old colts that have been accepted for the 2020 Oldenburg Stallion Licensing in Vechta, Germany, on 19 - 21 November 2020. 

Around 160 dressage stallions registered for the pre-selections in Vechta, and a collection of 38 colts have been accepted to move on to the actual licensing in November, which at the moment is announced to take place without an audience. 

Seven of the 38 selected colts are bred abroad in either Denmark, Belgium, Holland or Great Britain. 

The best represented sire is the Dutch bred and originally Westfalian licensed Vitalis (by Vivaldi x D-Day), who took over the role of flagship stallion from Fürstenball at Paul Schockemöhle's stallion status in Mühlen, Germany. He has four sons selected for the licensing out of 19 that were originally entered for the pre-selection.

The second best represented sire is Gerd Sosath's 7-year old sire For Dance (by For Romance x Rubiloh) with three sons selected out of five entered! The mass breeder Secret (by Sezuan x St. Moritz) has two sons selected out of 9 entered, just like KWPN sires Bordeaux and Desperado. Ibiza had 10 entered and only 1 made the cut.

The selected dressage colts are:

  • nn (by Baron x De Niro x Sergeant Pepper) - Breeder: Elisabeth Wegert
  • nn (by Bernay x Desperados x Sandro Hit) - Breeder: Elke Lubahn
  • Lordswood Bernstein SL (by Bonds x Quaterback x Rohdiamant) - Breeder: Stefanie Löhmann
  • nn (by Bordeaux x Fürst Piccolo x Wolkenstein II) - Breeder: Arndt Schwierking
  • nn (by Bordeaux x Quattro B x Grandeur) - Breeder: Bernhard Arkenberg
  • nn (by Champagner x Wolkentanz x Askan) - Breeder: Heinrich Ramsbrock
  • nn (by Desperado x Dimaggio x Lanthan) - Breeder: Ralf M. Schäfer
  • nn (by Desperado x Sandro Hit x Plaisir D'Amour) - Breeder: Britta Budeus-Wiegert
  • Dancing Sir Gold (by De Niro Gold x Sir Donnerhall x Tananarivo xx) - Breeder: Günter Vorwerk-Woebkenberg
  • nn (by Diamond Hit x Laurentio x Partout/T). - Breeder: Johannes Westendarp
  • nn (by Don Deluxe x Fürstenball x Conen) - Breeder: Johannes Westendarp
  • nn (by Everdale x Licotus x Rouletto) - Breeder: Lars Wenke
  • nn (by Fahrenheit x De Niro x Lord Liberty) - Breeder: Dieter Scherwitzki
  • nn (by Fahrenheit x Sir Donnerhall x Lafontaine) - Breeder: Bernd Broghammer
  • nn (by For Dance x Zack x Diamond Hit) - Breeder: Jörg Bös
  • nn (by For Dance x Real Diamond x Florestan I) - Breeder: Josef Lutz
  • nn (by For Dance x Sungold x Royal Diamond) - Breeder: Uwe Schroeder
  • Woodlander Fort Worth (by For Emotion x Dimaggio x Caprimond/T.) - Breeder: Lynne Crowden (GB)
  • nn (by For Romance I x Robespierrot x Osmium) - Breeder: Marianne van Mourik (B)
  • Fortunate (by Foundation x Quaterback x Weltmeyer) - Breeder: Zuchthof Vogel
  • Franze (by Franklin x Sezuan x Romanov) - Breeder: Henrik Hansen  (DK)
  • nn (by Fürst Fabrice x Irdenkreis/T. x Ragazzo) - Breeder: Henrike Folkens
  • nn (by Fürstenball x Sandro Hit x Donnerhall) - Breeder: Dr. Rolf-Peter Schulze
  • Nobilisyade NVDW (by Habanna x Landjonker x Jazz) - Breeder: J. van de Wiel (NL)
  • nn (by Ibiza x Sandro Hit x Weltmeyer) - Breeder: Dr. Friederike Rehkamp
  • nn (by Marc Cain x Prestige Pilot x Pokal) - Breeder: Willem Klausing
  • nn (by Quantensprung x Don Schufro x Belissimo M) - Breeder: Heinz Ahlers
  • nn (by Sandro Hit x Destano x Wolkentanz) - Breeder: Johann Martens
  • nn (by San Francisco x Florencio I x Sion) - Breeder: Gestüt Vorwerk/Max-Theurer
  • nn (by Secret x Rohdiamant x Grundstein II) - Breeder: Harli Seifert
  • nn (by Secret x Don Larino x Corradino) - Breeder: Hartwig Mueller
  • nn (by Sezuan x Sandro Hit x Lanciano) - Breeder: Stutteri Pax (DK)
  • nn (by Veneziano x Sir Donnerhall x Don Davidoff) - Breeder: Felix Tiemann
  • Veyron Hena (by Vitalis x L'Espoir x De Noir) - Breeder: Alexandra & Sören Buchreitz  (DK)
  • nn (by Vitalis x Florencio I x De Niro) - Breeder: Werner Dullwebe
  • Vito van de Wulfsdam (by Vitalis x Sandro Hit x Feiner Stern) - Breeder: Jose Vancoillie (B)
  • nn (by Vitalis x Don Frederico x Londonderry )- Breeder: Sigrid Schmidt
  • nn (by Vivaldi x De Niro x Sandro Hit) - Breeder: Alfons Kramer

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