Sixteen Colts Selected for 2021 KWPN Stallion Licensing on First Pre-Selection Day

Thu, 11/26/2020 - 17:41
Egbert Schep's Nice Guy ES (by Quantensprung x Stedinger) selected for the second phase of the 2021 KWPN Stallion Licensing :: Photo © Digishots

On 26 November 2020, the first day of the dressage colt pre-selection for the 2021 KWPN Stallion Licensing, the selection committee picked 16 colts that are now eligible to move on to the second phase. 

The pre-selection days for the 2021 KWPN Stallion Licensing kicked off today 26 November 2020 at the KWPN headquarters in Ermelo, The Netherlands.

Five Painted Black offspring, which are the result from the Grand Prix stallion returning to Holland and standing up for stud at Van Olst Horses in 2017, were selected for the second phase. Totilas got four sons through to the second phase.

Editor’s note: initially 15 colts were posted on the results list but one more stallion was added to the list of selected colts in the evening, round20-21h, bringing the tally to 16 out of 43 presented on day 1.

The second and third phase, which are held during the licensing itself, will take place in Ermelo instead of 's Hertogenbosch. Due to corona the conditions are too uncertain to book the expensive exhibition centre, de Brabanthallen

The first group selected for the second phase of the 2021 KWPN Stallion Licensing includes:

  • Nero Hoksehoeve (by Morricone x Donnerball) - Breeder and owner: C Bruin
  • Nacho (by Negro x Krack C) - Breeder: S. Maakenschijn - Owner: Van Olst Horses
  • Nolegro (by Painted Black x Negro) - Breeder: J. Hanse - Owner: Van Olst Horses
  • Neville (by Painted Black x Contender M) - Breeder: van Beek - Owner: M. den Teuling
  • Notable VDL (by Painted Black x Zonik) - Breeder: VDL Stud - Owner: Jackie Ahl-Eckhaus, USA
  • Nostradamus (by Painted Black x Chippendale) - Breeder: Nathalie Smeets - Owner: Y.A.  Reijnders
  • Nota Bene Prins (by Painted Black x Uphill) - Breeder: E. Fikse - Owner: GW van Norel
  • Nice Guy ES (by Quantensprung x Stedinger ) - Breeder and Owner: Egbert Schep
  • Nashville STH (by Rubin Royal x San Amour) - Breeder and Owner: Lens Nekeman
  • Nightfall Utopia (by Secret x Westpoint) - Breeder and Owner: RS2 Dressage 
  • Novak (by Sorento x Rousseau) - Breeder: G. Rijper - Owner: Stoeterij 't Centrum
  • No Limit (by Totilas x Metall) - Breeder: C. Heemskerk - Owner: Quality Stables & S. Al Sabah, Kuwait
  • Notilas (by Totilas x Don Schufro) - Breeder and Owner: F. Vaessen
  • Nixon (by Totilas x Jazz) - Breeder J. Janssen - Owner: Stal de Beukenvallei
  • Nielson (by Totilas x Don Tango B) - Breeder and Owner: E. Van der Heyden
  • Nikkeo Royal (by Trafalgar x Royal Dance) - Breeder and Owner: T. Van Dijk- van de Scheer

Photo © Digishots

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