Sixteen Dressage Colts Accepted for Final Phase 2021 NRPS Stallion Licensing

Sun, 02/21/2021 - 08:48
Montgomery C (by Johnson x Ferro)

Sixteen dressage bred colts were accepted at the 2021 NRPS Stallion Licensing in Ermelo, The Netherlands, on 18 - 19 February 2021.

They are allowed to move on to the final phase in Lunteren on 3 April 2021 if they fulfill the veterinary requirements and dam report. 

At the third phase the stallions are presented under saddle and licensed. Those that pass will need to do a performance test in order to be fully approved for breeding. 

Dressage colts accepted for the final phase are:

  • No-Way (by Apache x Gribaldi) - Breeder & Owner: Jurgen van der Meijden
  • Naqueen (by Trafalgar x Samba Hit) - Breeder & Owner: Jurgen van der Meijden
  • Nirvana BMH (by Hennessy x Davino V.O.D.) - Breeder: W. Van der Bij - Owner: R. Boskamp
  • Nirvana le Donia (by Formidable x Rheingau) - Breeder & Owner: De Doniahoeve
  • Nadal (by Especial x Negro) - Breeder & Owner: Van Olst
  • Nabucco B.K. (by Vivaldi x Rhodium) - Breeder: Van der Oord - Owner: Y. Van Kessel + A Boersma
  • No Mercy AVO (by Just Wimphof x Jazz) - Breeder: J Oort - Owner: Van Olst
  • Noqueen (by Trafalgar x Apache) - Breeder & Owner: Jurgen van der Meijden
  • Willem Normandi (by For Romance I x Ferro) - Breeder: H van Erp - Owner: C van den Oetelaar
  • Nacho (by Negro x Krack C) - Breeder: S. Maakenschijn - Owner: Van Olst
  • Next Generation (by Secret x Vitalis) - Breeder: Frank Moorman - Owner: Wilma Wernsen - Deejay Horses
  • Flexman B.K. (by Feinrich x Cocktail’s Whinny) - Breeder & Owner; Y. van Kessel
  • Next One ACB (by Hero ACB x Dream Boy) - Breeder: Anne-Claire Bongers - Owner: A. Ligthart
  • Nino d’ór (by Painted Black x Chippendale) - Breeder & Owner: Berry van der Hoorn
  • No Nonsens R (by Fürstenball x Olivi) - Breeder & Owner: P. Remmits
  • Montgomery C (by Johnson x Ferro) - Breeder: Claartje van Andel - Owner: Stal van Vliet

Photo © NRPS

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