Portuguese High Performance Program Starts with First Observations and Squad Nominations

Tue, 03/30/2021 - 21:56
Portuguese Under 25 rider Francisco Vila Nova and Hippus :: Photo © Rita Fernandes

The three brand new appointed Portuguese team trainers have carried out their first observation sessions across the country and drafted the first squads as part of the High Performance Program which the Portuguese Equestrian Federation launched in 2021. 

Team trainers Kyra Kyrklund (seniors), Raphaël Saleh (U25 and Young Riders) and Filipe Canelas Pinto (Juniors, Children and Pony Riders) have been hired to bring Portuguese Dressage to the next level.

A first observation trial was scheduled to take place at the High Performance equestrian centre in Golegã, but the event was cancelled due to the EHV-1 outbreak. Instead the trainers travelled around and some sessions were held online. 

Based on the first observations, the team trainers have submitted the following riders into a squad as they show the most potential to represent Portugal at international competitions. 

Pony Riders

  • Alice Fernandes - Jet Set Zaldi
  • Enzo Alem Reame - Apache
  • Francisco Braz - /Der Kleine Choco Boy


  • Leonor Coelho - Vulcão
  • Manuel Clemente - Gavião
  • Nina Schönborn - Zircon

Junior Riders

  • Adriana Chaves - Zéfiro
  • António Calheiros - Fausto da Sernadinha
  • Mafalda Deitado - Bandolim
  • Justino Alves -Iartacus
  • Mariana Silva - Gabarito

Young Riders

  • Ana Carolina Gonçalinho - San d'Amour
  • Catarina Costa - Kut n´Move
  • Maria Beatriz Gonçalinho - Fidelius
  • Marta Marques - Jardineiro and Hussein V.O

Under 25

  • Catarina Lucas Lopes - Excalibur
  • Francisco Vila Nova - Hippus
  • Mariana Assis Silva/Serano and Hipparion
  • Mário Freire - Filósofo


  • Carlos Pinto - Sultão Menezes
  • Daniel Pinto - Santurion
  • Duarte Nogueira - Beirão
  • Filipe Canelas Pinto - Fortuna
  • João Torrão - Equador
  • Maria Moura Caetano - Fenix de Tineo
  • Rodrigo Torres - Fogoso
  • Vasco Mira Godinho - Garret

Not all riders have yet been observed due to corona and EHV-1 travel restrictuons and more observations will be carried out in the near future. 

Squad training for the Under 25 and senior riders have started through online coaching and hopefully in a month, live training sessions will happen with all athletes as originally planned. 

Source: Equitacao - Photo © Rita Fernandes

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