La Dolce Vita des Ham and Rumi de St. Jean, 2021 French Foal Champions

Mon, 09/27/2021 - 18:24
La Dolce Vita des Ham (by Furstenball x Morricone), filly champion at the 2021 French Breeding Championships in Le Mans

At the 2021 French Young Horse Champions in Le Mans on 26 - 29 August 2021, the filly La Dolce Vita des Ham and the colt Rumi de St. Jean were named French Foal Champions of 2021. 

An international panel of judges, consisting of François Fischesser, Bernard Maurel, Marc Besnainou, Iben Stroem, Dr. Wolfgang Schulze-Schleppinghof, and Gerd Sickinger, officiated at this year's national breed championship.

La Dolce Vita des Ham

In the filly category the highest honour went to La Dolce Vita des Ham. Sired by Furstenball and out of the 2019 French 2-year old Mare Champion Lullaby des Ham (by Morricone x San Remo x Ferro), La Dolce Vita captured the title with the highest score of all foals, 87,95 points. She is bed by Deborah Smith, who has a brood farm in Saint-Amand. This black filly descends from the same dam line as KWPN stallion Dream Boy, sharing dam Resia in the fourth generation.

The reserve champion was Louna d'Hippo'Cracks, a Glamourdale filly out of Easy Fleuri (by Furstenball), bred by Anouk Hangeois Bone. She scored 83.85 points. 

The third place went to Levidanse Utopia, who is by Revolution out of Sand Silver de Hus (by Sandro Hit). She is bred by Rozenn Lallouet and scored 82.50 points. 

Rumi de St. Jean

Rumi de St. Jean
In the colt division a cross bred foal, Rumi de St. Jean, returned home with the champion sash. Sired by Secret out of Lusitano dam Mantra de St. Jean (by Spartacus CSM, who is by Xaquiro CI x Universo MV), this colt scored 84,90 points and got a 10 for trot.  He is bred by and owned by Christine Nevejan, who also celebrated much success with two of her fillies, Roma de St. Jean (by For Romance II) who finished fourth and Roufka de St. Jean (by Secret) who was sixth in the filly division. The fillies were bred by Portuguese Luis Filipe Marques de Bastos and owned by Nevejan. All three of them are out of purebred Lusitano dams.

The reserve champion was the Selle Français registered colt London de Prevel, who is by Smart out of Finesse du Hans (by Furstenball). He is bred at Haras de Prevel and scored 84.30 points. 

The third placed colt was the Selle Français registered Lorhan de Valdi (by Jovian x San Amour), bred by Celine Faure Curt. He scored 83.85 points. 

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Results - 2021 French Foal Championships

Fillies (top 10 out of 19 participating)

  • 1. La Dolce Vita des Ham (by Furstenball x Morricone) - Breeder & Owner: Deborah Smith - 87.95
  • 2. Louna d'Hippo'Crackx (by Glamourdale x Furstenball) - Breeder & Owner:Anouk Hangeois Bone - 83.85
  • 3. Levidanse Utopia (by Revolution x Sandro Hit) - Breeder & Owner:Rozenn Lallouet - 82.50
  • 4. Roma St. Jean (by For Romance II x Escorial SRB) - Breeder: Luis Filipe Marques de Bastos - Owner: Christine Nevejan - 82.45
  • 5. Lalita Grez Neuville (by Springbank II x Don Juan de Hus) - Breeder & Owner: Didier Dupeyrat - 81.70
  • 6. Lolita de St. Jean (by Escorial x Escorial SRB) - Breeder: Luis Filipe Marques de Bastos - Owner: Christine Nevejan
  • 7. Learjet (by Secret x Ciel d'Espoir) - Breeder & Owner: Sylvie Tourtoulou - 80.45 pts
  • 8. L'Unique L'Orcheraie (by So Unique x Gribaldi)  - Breeder & Owner: Veronique Brehier - 80.30
  • 9. Lact Glam de Fascyne (by Glamourdale x Sir Donnerhall)  - Breeder & Owner: Fleur Maugurs-Henry - 79.65
  • 10. Lindy Hop de Fascyne (by Toto Jr x Furstenball)  - Breeder & Owner: Fleur Maugurs-Henry - 79.20

Colts (top 10 out of 20 participating)

  • 1.  Rumi de St. Jean (by Secret x Spartacus CSM)  - Breeder & Owner: Christine Nevejan - 84.90
  • 2. London de Prevel (by Smart x Furstenball) -  - Breeder & Owner: Haras de Prevel - 84.30
  • 3. Lorian de Valdi (by Jovian x San Amour)  - Breeder & Owner: Celine Faure Curt - 83.85
  • 4. Rossignol du Menhir (by De Niro Gold x Jazz) - Breeder & Owner: Jonas Engstrom - 82.10
  • 5. Loyd du Mont (by Secret x Sir Donnerhall)  - Breeder & Owner: Julien Urios - 81.80
  • 6. Lespoir de Jalehone (by San Muscadet x Karamel de Lauture)  - Breeder & Owner: Lucie Demarez Pichavant - 81.30
  • 7. L'Espoir du Payrol (by San Muscadet x Conteur)  - Breeder & Owner: Haras du Payrol - 80.20
  • 8. Lancome de Roumard (by Jovian x San Amour)  - Breeder & Owner: Aleijo - 80.15
  • 9. Lazuli du Vana (by Luccianno x Saros van 't Gestelhof) -  - Breeder & Owner: Caroline Guillemont - 79.80
  • 10. Lindtnoir des Feeries (by Famous Grez Neuville x Rhodium)  - Breeder & Owner: Peggy Touzard - 79.20

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