Søbakkehus Maude Wins 2022 Danish Warmblood Young Horse Championships for 5-Year Olds

Tue, 03/15/2022 - 16:56
Danish Warmblood
Allan Grøn and Søbakkehus Maude at the 2022 Danish Warmblood Championship 5-year olds :: Photo © Ridehesten.com

Allan Grøn and Søbakkehus Maude became the winners of the Danish Warmblood Championship for 5-year olds held at the 2022 Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing in Herning on 9 - 13 March 2022.

Three Rounds, Four Days

Annually the Danish warmblood hosts a championships for 5-year olds during the licensing in Herning. Only DWB bred and registered horses are allowed to participate.

The Championship consists of three rounds. Two in which the horses are presented in pairs by their own rider. This year not the top 8 but the top 24 of the highest scoring horses after two rounds were test ridden by a guest judge rider, spread out over two days. Danish Grand Prix team rider Daniel Bachmann Andersen was the return guest judge rider. 

Maude Perseveres

Allan Grøn and Søbakkehus Maude (by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy x Wilkens) persevered in the end and won the championship, beating the overnight leader from the first two rounds, Ghandi SS, in the final with test rider. 

The pair was second in round 1, scoring 9.5 for walk, 8.5 for trot, 8 for canter, 8.5 for rideability and 9 for potential. In round 2 they were second again with identical marks. In the finals with Bachmann as test rider, the dark bay mare got 10 for rideability and 9.5 for potential, topping the overall leader board and pipping Ghandi SS for the title. 

Bachmann commented that Maude has " a really nice walk and canter. She actually surprised me positively how much power she has, and that she is at the same time easy to collect. It is a really positive horse. She feels great, in a good way. She's really well educated, Allan has done a super job. She is very straightforward to the aids, moves up through the body and is easy to collect and extend, just like I think a 5-year-old should be: fresh, fit and super in the contact. It's clearly the best horse I've ridden today."

Maude is bred by Agnete Holmsted and owned by NorCordia, the company behind American Grand Prix rider and horse dealer  Catherine Haddad-Staller and Danish dealer Ulrik Clemmensen. The mare also won the "Happy Athlete Award" in Herning. 

Lyngbjergs St. Paris Runner-Up

Victoria Vallentin and Lyngbjergs St. Paris
Danish Under 25 rider Victoria Vallentin piloted Lyngbjergs St. Paris (by Blue Hors St. Schufro x Blue Hors Rockefeller) to the runner-up position. 

The black mare was sixth in round one, receiving 7.5 for walk, 8.5 for trot and canter, 8 for rideability and 8.5 for potential. She also had identical marks on the second day and was back in sixth place. 

St. Paris made a spectacular jump on the leader board in the test rider finals, in which she climbed to a second place overall with two 10s for rideability and potential from Bachmann. 

Lyngbjergs St. Paris is bred by Bente Børjesson and owned by the rider in partnership with United Dressage, an investment company directed by Jesper Arent Jørgensen, Eskil Peter Lund,  and Christine Arent Risager.

Ghandi SS Bronze

Merita Hagren and Ghandi SS
The bronze medal and third place went to Finnish Merita Hagren on the chestnut stallion Ghandi SS (by Grand Galaxy Wn x Florencio). 

The pair was the clear leader in the first two rounds, scoring 8 for walk, 9 for trot, 9.5 for canter, 9 for rideability and 9.5 for potential in both rounds.  In the test rider finals the pair dropped to third place, beating by two mares, after receiving 9 for rideability and potential.

Ghandi SS is bred by Lone Sørensen and Stevn Equestrian and owned by Helgstrand Dressage together with investor Søren Grønborg.

2022 DWB 5-year old Championship (top 24)

  • 1. Allan Grøn - Søbakkehus Maude (by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy X Wilken) - 910.000
  • 2. Victoria Vallentin - Lyngbjergs St. Paris (by Blue Hors St. Schufro X Blue Hors Rockefeller) - 902.000
  • 3. Merita Hagren - Gandhi Ss (by Grand Galaxy Win X Florencio) - 901.000
  • 4. Michael Søgaard - Søbakkehus Duffy (by Sezuan X Uno Don Diego) - 854.000
  • 5. Nana Christine Christiansen - Hafsjolds Ranger (by Revolution X Hohenstein) - 853.000
  • 6. Simone Blomme Rasmussen - Rally Von Rosing (by Revolution X Tailormade Temptation) - 847.000
  • 7. Kathrine Springborg - Springborgs Abiza (by biza X Rubin-royal) - 835.000
  • 8. Selina Solberg Vittinghus - Atterupgaards Delahaye (by Foundation X Bon Bravour) - 823.000
  • 9. Anne-marie Hosbond - Danésa Nord (by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy X Belissimo M) - 821.000
  • 10. Mette Riisager - Sandbæks Rio-de Chanell (by Revolution X Fürstenball) - 817.000
  • 11. Lovisa Wessblad - Francisca-d (by Franklin X Blue Hors Romanov) - 814.000
  • 12. Marie Witt Poulsen - Bee-real (by Revolution X L'espoir) - 813.000
  • 13. Josefine Hoffmann - Roxette (by Revolution X Quite Easy) - 803.000
  • 14. Josefine Hoffmann - Rosie K (by Revolution X Blue Hors Romanov) - 801.000
  • 15. Pernille Nygård - Fly St. Croix (by Blue Hors St. Schufro X Fly Society Xx) - 788.000
  • 16. Sara Aagaard Hyrm - Don Revelou (by Revolution X Blue Hors Don Schufro) - 777.000
  • 17. Malene Mira Petersen - Holmens Tara (by Blue Hors St. Schufro X Tailormade Temptation) - 776.000
  • 18. Trude Hestengen - Svalegårds Hot Boy (by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy X Blue Hors Hotline) - 775.000
  • 19. Karina Josefsen - Lajgårdens Bellami (by Belissimo M X Benetton Dream) - 773.000
  • 20. Silje Bakken - Grevens Replay (by Revolution X Jazz) - 770.000
  • 21. Kenneth Damgaard - Riva Unik (by Revolution X Blue Hors Don Schufro) - 765.000
  • 22. Helena B. Hansen - Holts Evita (by for Romance Ii X Jazz) - 764.000
  • 23. Silje Bakken - Heiline's Dancing Queen (by  Revolution X De Niro) - 749.000
  • 24. Helena B. Hansen - Lindegårds Donkey Dancer (by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy X Holland) - 733.000

An interesting observation is that of the 24 horses making it to the Finals, no less than 10 are sired by Rhinelander stallion Revolution (by Rocky Lee x Rouletto).

Photo © Ridehesten

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