Bret Willson Sells Igeral D to U.S.A. as Team Hopeful for Olivia Lagoy-Weltz

Fri, 08/19/2022 - 11:08
Anna Zibrandtsen on Igeral D

British horse dealer and scout Bret Willson has sold Anna Zibrandtsen's rising Grand Prix horse Igeral D to the U.S.A. He will be a team potential horse for Olivia Lagoy-Weltz. 

Igeral D  is an 11-year old Swedish warmblood by Briar out of Esmeralda D (by Richfield x Racot). He is bred by M&D Show horses.

Anna Zibrandtsen

Igeral D was owned by Anna Zibrandtsen who bought him as a foal and trained him up to Grand Prix level at her yard Bregnerödgård in Denmark. 

The pair has only lightly competed and made its show debut in Denmark in June 2019 at MB level. By the autumn of 2020 they moved to MA-level. They did two regional shows in 2021, the last one in June when they won with 71.667%

At home Igeral D was schooling the Grand Prix level work as Zibrandtsen got regular coaching from Cathrine Dufour 

Sold to the U.S.A.

Lagoy-Weltz at the 2018 CDIO Aachen
(Photo © Shannon Brinkman)
British horse dealer Bret Willson has now sold a second horse from Anna's yard to the U.S.A. After pairing Zibrandtsen's Shakira to Jennifer Huber/Katherine Bateson, Willson has now matched Igeral D to American Grand Prix rider Olivia Lagoy-Weltz.

Olivia's sponsors Walter and Mary-Anne McPhail has purchased the horse as Olivia's a potential team horse.

“Igeral was the first foal we bought eleven years ago and he has a special place in our heart. We wish Olivia and Igeral the best of luck, and we are looking forward to watch their success in Grand Prix," said Zibrandtsen. Bret Willson added, “both Anna and I are extremely happy for Olivia, this horse is a fantastic match and we are sure to see great things from them in the future."

Olivia Lagoy-Weltz stated, "MaryAnne, Walter and I are very excited about Igeral D and excited to watch him develop. I feel incredibly fortunate to have such amazing supporters behind me in the McPhails, and in all my owners and clients. None of this would be possible without those who believe in me as a rider and want to be a part of the journey. I feel incredibly lucky."

Photos © private - Shannon Brinkman

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