Fourteen Dressage Stallions Expected for 2022 KWPN Autumn Stallion Performance Test

Sat, 10/29/2022 - 16:15
Cynthia Eggenkamp on Obsession :: Photo © Jacqueline van Tartwijk

Fourteen dressage bred stallions have been entered for the 2022 KWPN Autumn Stallion Performance testing which begins on Monday 31 October 2022.

The testing will begin with a saddle presentation. Fourteen have been entered including one dressage stallion who has not been licensed yet but hopes to achieve that status after a successful testing. 

The autumn testing will feature several of the premium stallions of the 2022 KWPN Licensing last february, including Otazu, Opoque, One-Two-Three, as well as Gorgeous Black Art, who rolled onto the licensing path through the Pavo Cup.

The saddle presentation is the first moment where the stallions will be presented under saddle to the licensing committee. They will decide if the stallions' rideability and quality are up to standard to begin the 21-day testing. 

In a press release, the KWPN society stressed the fact that it is forbidden to clip whiskers and ears.

Entered for the testing are:

  • Otazu (by All at Once x Negro) - Breeder & Owner: Stal 104
  • Opoque (by All at Once x Davino VOD) - Breeder: Stal 104 - Owner: Stal 104 & Andreas Helgstrand
  • Oké HT (by Dream Boy x Uphill) - Breeder A. Hofenk - Owner: Daniel Mosterdijk
  • Odysseus P (by Foundation x Painted Black) - Breeder: Pegasus Stables - Owner: Pegasus Stables, Van Uytert, B. Blauwgeer
  • Blue Hors Freelance (by Furst Bischoff x Samba Hit) - Breeder: ZG Strathusen - Owners: Van Uytert & Blue Hors
  • Oz (by Kaiser Weltino x Houston) - Breeder: R & I Veninga - Owners: R & I Veninga & Matty Marissink
  • Olivier (by Kingston x Florencio) - Breeder: W. van der Aa - Owner: W. & J Van der AA and Stal van de Sande
  • MSJ Springbreak (by Springbank II x Ampere) - Breeder: Emma Blundell - Owner: Turfhorst
  • Obsession (by Vitalis x All at Once) - Breeder & Owner: Stal 104
  • One-Two-Three (by Vivaldi x D-Day) - Breeder & Owner: Stal 104
  • Frederic (by For Romance x Fidertanz) - Breeder: H Schulte - Owner: Van Olst
  • nn (by Ibiza x For Romance) - Breder C. Ortmann Ellerbrock - Owners: Reesink
  • Gorgeous Black Art (by Toto Jr x Rubiquil) - Breeder: K. Visser - Owner: Stal Hexagon
  • Del Guapo (by Vivaldi x Apache) - Breeder: M Gotink - Owner: Van Uytert

Detailed entry list here.

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