Four Premium Colts, Thirty-Nine Accepted at 2022 KWPN Stallion Licensing

Sat, 02/05/2022 - 18:52
Opoque (by All at Once x Davino VOD), one of four premium stallions at the 2022 KWPN Stallion Licensing :: Photo © Dirk Caremans

Sixteen dressage bred colts have passed the second phase of the 2022 KWPN Stallion Licensing on the second licensing day of dressage colts at the KWPN headquarters in Ermelo. 

The 2022 KWPN licensing took place behind closed doors due to Covid-19 but the event was staged in a whole televised production with the licensing, interviews, award ceremonies and stallion shows streamed live. 

The licensing of dressage colts took place on 4 and 5 February. On the first day a collection of 44 colts was presented and 23 were accepted. On the second day (today), a collection of 32 colts was presented and sixteen of them passed. 

The 39 accepted colts now have to do a mandatory stallion performance test in order to obtain full breeding status from the KWPN society. 

Premium Stallions

The KWPN stallion licensing committee, consisting of Bert Rutten (chair), Wouter Plaizier and Johan Hamminga, rewarded four stallions with the premium label. 

One-Two-Three (by Vivaldi x D-Day)
Three of the premium colts are bred and owned by Willeke Bos: Opoque (by All at Once x Davino VOD), of whom 50% ownership sold to Helgstrand Dressage at the pre-selection; Otazu (by All at Once out of Atalinda (by Negro), the dam of Jameson; and One-Two-Three, the full brother of the licensed stallions Vitalis and My Vitality (all by Vivaldi x D-Day).

The fourth premium stallion is Omar Sharif (by Escamillo out of Khloe Platinum (by Ferguson x De Niro). The dam is the full sister of WCYH bronze medal winner Lightning Star RR. He is bred and owned by Rom Vermunt and Stal Brinkman.

Willeke Bos Wields the Axe of Power

Willeke Bos, the power woman behind brood farm Stal 104 in Wijdewormer, The Netherlands, is mom to Dutch children and junior team rider Lara van Nek and discoverer of the foundation stallion Vitalis (by Vivaldi x D-Day). 

Willeke Bos with premium colt Otazu
The 2022 KWPN Stallion Licensing have been a total conquest for Bos and her breeding programme. She presented six colts at the pre-selection in December and all six were invited to the Licensing. Of those six, five have been approved and three of them named premium stallion!

As breeder and owner of the KWPN licensed stallion All at Once (by Ampere x Gribaldi), a 12-year old black stallion that competed at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics under Dutch-Moroccan Yessin Rahmouni, Willeke Bos can add another feather in her cap: All three All at Once sons presented at the licensing were approved! All at Once's original KWPN name was Flow, but as he first got licensed in Germany, before his KWPN approval, he received a new name according to the German system (starting with the same letter as the sire).

The only colt of hers that didn't make the cut was Onassis (by Kilimanjaro out of Atalinda (by Negro). 

KWPN Select Sale Loses Appeal

Omar Sharif (by Escamillo x Ferguson)
Traditionally the auction of licensed and non-licensed stallions takes place after the announcement of the premium stallion on Saturday afternoon. However this year the auction happens online due to corona. 

The "KWPN Select Sale," once a platform where top stallion stations would bid high hammer prices for these young colts, continues to loose appeal with the breeders and stallion owners. The group of colts auctioned each year is getting smaller as owners prefer to sell their horses privately instead of through the auction.

Only eight dressage colts (of which three are licensed) will be up for auction in the 2022 KWPN Select Sales. The bidding concludes on 7 February 2022.

Photos © Dirk Caremans

Accepted for Performance Test

The accepted colts at the 2022 KWPN Stallion Licensing are:

Day 2

  • Ohjee  (by Toto Jr. x Sorento) - breeder: J.J. Schalekamp - owner: D. Schalekamp
  • Onedin (by Toto Jr. x Metall) - breeder: C. Heemskerk - owner: Xanthos Horses
  • O’Toto van de Wimphof  (by Toto Jr. x Riccione) - breeder: C. Rienks-Kramer - owner: breeder, Joop van Uytert & EJ Rienks
  • Oxbow Kenton S (by  For Ferrero x Trento B) - breeder and owner: Stal van de Sande
  • Osborne (by  For Ferrero x Johnson) - breeder: C.W.M. Elbers-van der Meer - owner: Stal van de Sande
  • Oké HT  (by  Dream Boy x Uphill) - breeder: A. Hofenk - owner: breeder & A. Nelissen
  • Onnassis Hokshoeve (by Morricone x Donnerball) - breeder and owner: C. Bruin
  • Orlando (by   Deparon U.S. x Uphill) - breeder and owner: L. van den Broek
  • Oklahoma (by  Deparon U.S. x Spielberg) - breeder and owner: Stal 104
  • Orlando  (by  Imposantos x Fellini) - breeder: R. Veerman - owner: breeder & Stal Laarakkers
  • Oz  (by Kaiser Weltino x Houston) - breeder: R. & I. Veninga - owner: breeder & Matty Marissink
  • Omega (by Kingston Blue Hors x Vivaldi ) - breeder and owner: Andeweg & Ad Valk
  • Olivier  (by Kingston Blue Hors x Florenci) - breeder: W van der Aa - owner: breeder & Stal van de Sande & J van der Aa
  • O’Connor AF (by Kingston Blue Hors x Florencio) - breeder: L. van Aake - owner: Tim Coomans & L and G Röst 
  • Oakley (by Kremlin MD x Fürstenball ) - breeder: G. Röst-De Groot - owner: breeder, L Röst & Tim Coomans
  • One-Two-Three (by Vivaldi x D-Day) - breeder and owner: Stal 104

Day 1

  • n.n. (by Dante’s Junior x Sion) - breeder: Schrapper - Owner: Reesink Horses
  • Omar Sharif    Escamillo x Ferguson) - breeder & owner: Rom Vermunt   & Stal Brinkman
  • Easy Boy U.S. (by Escamillo x Vivaldi) - breeder: Gestuet Lewitz - Owner: P. Schockemöhle & Joop van Uytert
  • n.n. (by Furstbischof X Samba Hit) - breeder: ZG Strathusen - Owner: Joop van Uytert & Blue Hors
  • n.n. (by Schwarzgold x Partout) - breeder & owner: Rene Franssen 
  • One to Remember (by Secret x Vivaldi) - breeder: B. Lichtendahl & B  Peper - Owner: Nico Witte & Andreas Helgstrand 
  • MSJ Springbreak (by Springbank II VH x Ampère) - breeder: Emma Blundell - Owner: Stoeterij Turfhorst
  • Secret Lover (by Secret x Fürstenball) - breeder: Zumbruch - Owner: Van Olst Horses 
  • Orlando Z (by  For Romance x Ferro) - breeder: H. van Erp - Owner: Nico Witte 
  • Odysseus P (by  Foundation x Painted Black) - breeder: Pegasus Stables - Owner: breeder, Joop van Uytert, B. Blaauwgeers
  • Fabiano (by For Romance x Diamond Hit) - breeder: G. Höckesfeld - Owner: Van Olst Horses
  • Olympus VDT (by Romanov x Ferro) - breeder: A. van de Tillaart - Owner: breeder, P. Wetzelaer & L. Bos
  • Oreo (by Totilas x Florencio) - breeder: H. Dautzenberg - Owner: breeder and Joop van Uytert
  • Our Totilas M  (by Totilas x Sandro Hit) - breeder & owner: C.F. Van Mook
  • Ovezande de Nordiek (by Just Wimphof x Vivaldi ) - breeder: Marcel van de Goor - Owner: M. Rentmeester & Stal Krol
  • Olivier ASD (by Just Wimphof x Apache) - breeder: A. Schellekens - Owner: Nico Witte & Tim Coomans
  • Oakley K (by Just Wimphof x Jazz) - breeder & owner: J. Klinkers
  • O’Çhamp M (by Just Wimphof x Galaxie) - breeder & owner:  van Moo
  • Obsession (by Vitalis x All At Once) - breeder & owner: Stal 104
  • Otazu (by All At Once x Negro) - breeder & owner: Stal 104
  • Opoque (by  All At Once x Davino V.O.D) - breeder: Stal 104 - owner: breeder and Andreas Helgstrand
  • Onesie Fomia (by All At Once x Farrington) - breeder: Rijsbergen - Owner: M. Rolvink
  • Osaka P (by Escolar x Florencio) - breeder: Pegasus Stables - Owner: breeder, Joop van Uytert & B. Blaauwgeers

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