Seventeen Colts Pass on Second Pre-Selection Day for 2023 KWPN Stallion Licensing

Wed, 11/30/2022 - 16:30
Please Me (by Cum Laude X Glamourdale) at the pre-selection for the 2023 KWPN Stallion Licensing :: Photo © Digishots

On the second day of pre-selection for the 2023 KWPN Stallion Licensing, seventeen colts were accepted to move on to the second phase. 

The KWPN Stallion Licensing Committee consists of Bert Rutten (chair), Johan Hamminga, and Wouter Plaizier. German Sönke Rothenberger assists as a new "apprentice judge."

A group of 50 colts was presented on Wednesday 30 November and 17 of them were accepted. 

"It was a fine day today. The quality was comparable to yesterday and we selected a nice number for the second phase," said Bert Rutten. "We selected 17 stallions who in general have a good size and frame, with good body and hindleg usage, and the tendency is uphill."

The accepted colts are:

  • Prestwick (by Fontaine Tn X Guardian S) - Breeder:  C. van Der Meer & Lisanne Meijer - Owners: Stal Van De Sande and Mari Strik
  • Pachanga (by Apache X Desperado) - Breeder: Ad Valk - Owners: G. Van Der Koppel, IPS Horse Group, Ad Valk
  • Percy Jackson (by Blue Hors Fifty Cent X Johnson) - Breeder: H. Veurink - Owners: Stal Laarakkers & H. Veurink
  • Perfecto (by Valverde X Apache) - Breeder & Owner: a. Van Erp
  • Phantom (by Ebony X Dreamcatcher) - Breeder & Owner: W. Hoogeslag
  • Pax P (by Escolar X Florencio) - Breeder: Pegasus Stables - Owners:  Pegasus Stables, B. Blaauwgeers, Joop Van Uytert
  • Pink Floyd (by Finest Selection X Ub 40) - Breeder and Owner: De Dalhoeve and G Koeman
  • Perrero (by For Ferrero X Everdale) - Breeder: M De Man - Owner: Van Olst Horses
  • Precious Diamond Van De Paulinehoeve (by For Romance X Negro) - Breeder: P  Den Bakker - Owners: M Hellings & Nico Witte
  • Plusfour (by For Romance X Apache) - Breeder: Roerink - Owners: Witte Scholtens & B. Roerink
  • Pythagoras Wk (by All at Once X Vitalis) - Breeder: Stal 104 - Owners: F Loos & W Van Kampen
  • Please Me (by Cum Laude X Glamourdale) - Breeder & Owner: L. Heida
  • Puronn L (by Blue Hors Farrell X Rubin Royal) - Breeder & Owner: J. Lamers
  • Playboy (by Deparon U.s. X Tango) - Breeder: A Gijsbers, Loosbroek / B Pouw
  • Pablo Geuzenhof (by Don Olymbrio X Uphill) - Breeder: S. Maakenschijn, Chaam / Miga Horses 
  • Purple Rain VOD (by Desperado X Negro) Breeder & Owner: Van Os
  • Paddock Wood Turfhorst (by Desperado X De Niro) - Breeder: Stoeterij Turfhorst  - Owners: Turfhorst, Witte Scholtens

Photo © Digishots

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