Ravels, Airisa Penele's 2009 European Championship Ride, Passed Away

Mon, 12/05/2022 - 12:13
Airisa Penele and Ravels at the 2009 European Dressage Championships :: Photo © Astrid Appels

Ravels, Latvian Airisa Penele's career making Grand Prix horse, has passed away on 26 November 2022. He was 28 years old. 

Ravels was a 1994 born Latvian warmblood by the Danish show jumper Radiant and out of Solsebnica (by Valerik). He was bred at Agrofirma Tervete.

A Jumper who Refused to Jump

Ravels arrived in Airisa's stable as a 3-year old show jumper and was first jumped by her husband Mairis Penelis.

At a certain point Ravels refused to jump any further and Airisa took over the ride.  He threw her off twice and on the second time Airisa broke her knee.

After that they began to gel and she trained him all the way up to Grand Prix level. 

Seven CDI Years

The dark bay gelding had an international show career spanning from 2006 till 2012.

The pair made its international Grand Prix debut in 2007 at the CDI Warka Warsaw in POland, where they finished second twice in the Grand Prix and Kur. That year they also showed at CDI's in Parnu, Marianske Lazne, Wroclaw, and Helsinki. 

In 2008 they gained more mileage internationally at shows in Central Europe, clocking their first international victory in the Grand Prix Kur in Kiev. They achieved their qualification scores for the 2008 Olympic Games, but only one Central European zone rider was eligible to compete at the Games and Penele and Ravels were not chosen.

In 2009 they represented Latvia at the European Dressage Championships in Windsor (GBR). They scored 60.979% in the Grand Prix and finished 51st.  In 2010 they rode on the Central European League World Cup circuit in Sopot, Brno, Wroclaw, and campaigned in the League Finals in Warsaw in 2011. 

Their last season was in 2012. They dropped down to small tour level and competed in two CDI's in Vazgeikiemis and Tallinn. 


Ravels was retired from competition sport in 2012 at age 18.  The gelding enjoyed another decade in retirement at the home farm, riding centre Lielceri, near Riga.

"He enjoyed every moment in the grass paddock. When he goes to the paddock, sometimes he just offers some passage,he really has the best life with us," Airisa's daughter Sabina Mutule told Eurodressage.

He passed away on 26 November at the grand old age of 28.

"Ravels passed away in his paddock in my mom's arms," said Sabina. "He died of a heart attack. He was a horse of a lifetime."

Photo © Astrid Appels

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