Express, Best Seller of the 2023 Excellent Dressage Sales

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 19:04
Excellent Dressage Sales
Express (by Vivaldi x Sir Sinclair)

The chestnut Grand Prix level trained Express became the price highlight of the 2023 Excellent Dressage Sales of which the online bidding concluded on 25 March 2023.

A collection of 43 horses, from untrained youngsters to Grand Prix level horses, was offered for sale. It was the 9th edition of the Excellent Dressage Sales.

Different Strategy

"Compared to previous years there were a lot more clients for the horses leading up to the auction, but overall the budgets of the bidders was lower which means there were no real price highlights and a couple of horses were bought back the owners," EDS stated. 

This year the organizers of the auction seemingly decided to focus their advertisement more on social media to find a buyers' audience instead of using the more traditional equestrian press channels. 


Express turned out to be the most coveted horse. The stallion by Vivaldi x Sir Sinclair sold for 131,000 euro and moves to Germany. He was previously competed at Inter II level in The Netherlands by Laura Zwart under the name Lumen Express. Young rider Emma Lienert has taken over the ride.

Horses that sold, but of whom the prices were not released, are Imax (Wynton x Flemmingh), Newton’s Law (In Style x Johnson), Flynstone (Feedback x Florestan I) and Cadanza (Zhivago x Aljano); as well as youngsters Paradise IMP ST-J (Jameson RS2 x Gaudi) , Patrick U.S. (Lord Europe x Cadans M), Pirate Veluw (Johnny Depp x Lester) and Pax P (Escolar x Florencio I).

The licensed stallion First Date (by Furstenball x Dancier) did not meet the reserve price. 

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