Dutch Horses Long-Listed for the 2023 World Young Horse Championships

Wed, 05/17/2023 - 22:03
The Netherlands
Judith Ribbels with Nanny McPhee in the 4-year old challenge at the 2022 World Young Horse Championships :: Photo © Astrid Appels

The Dutch equestrian federation and KWPN society have announced the long list of horses that are in the running for team selection for the 2023 World Young Horse Championships, following the first of three selection trials in The Netherlands. 

Three Selection Trials

The Dutch equestrian federation and KWPN society will be holding three qualifiers.

The first one is run over two days and top 20 horses per age division are invited to the second qualifier in Ermelo on 13 - 14 June. The top 12 per age division goes to the third qualifier on 4 July in Ermelo after which the team will be announced.

The Dutch selectors are Emmelie Scholtens, Johan Hamminga, and Veronique Roerink.

First Trial: Two Days in Nunspeet

The first two selection days in Nunspeet took place on 8 and 16 May 2023. Selector Hamminga was positive about the turn-out. 

"It's always nice to see a very big group of horses as these are the horses of the future," Johan explained. "Because of our experience to train more for test riding and that the riders to more test riding work, it stood out that horses executed the test quite well."

The youngsters were presented in an outdoor arena which was quite distracting. "Horses are allowed to be spooky, so we picked that arena on purpose to know what the character of the horses is. The World Championships are alway different and many unexpected things happen. That's also the nice thing about such a special competition. It's not automatically that the very best horse wins, also as a rider you need to be high level."

22, 17 and 15 Long Listed

The selectors picked 22 five-year olds, 17 six-year olds and 15 seven year olds for the long list. They are eligible to move on to the second selection trial in Ermelo on 13-14 June where also some wildcards might make an appearance.

No less than 50 five-year olds were on the starters' list. 

"We chose a few more 5-year olds for the second selection trial because these are young horses who need a bit more time and they might be of use next year or the year after. If you put more time and training into them, it will be reap the benefits. The 7-year old test is quite challenging, so  there are always fewer entries in this division. We picked the horses that seem to master the test already quite well," Hamminga concluded. 

Long-Listed Horses

5-year olds

  • Everest (by Especial) -  Phoebe Peters
  • Nacho (by Negro)  -  Charlotte Fry
  • Nalegro (by Painted Black)  - Charlotte Fry
  • Nanny Mc Phee (by Vitalis)  -  Judith Ribbels
  • Nashville Star (by Desperados)  -  Dinja van Liere
  • Nashville SW (by Secret) -  Femke De Laat
  • Nero (by Ferguson)  - Bart Veeze
  • Network (by Just Wimhof)  -  Femke De Laat
  • New Orleans (by Blue Hors Farrell)  - Marlou De Ruyter
  • Newport (by Toto Jr.)  - Febe van Zwambagt
  • Niana V.O.D. (by Desperado)  - Tessa Van Os
  • Night Shadow (by Guardian S)  -  Amber De Groot
  • Nijnjte (by Valverde) -  Lotte Van Engelen
  • Nirvano (by For Ferrero)  -Kim Koolen
  • No Nonsense D (by Glamourdale)  -  Cynthia Eggenkamp
  • No Secret (by Secret)  - Christel Heuseveldt
  • NOVA-LIZ (by Everdale)  -  Charlotte Fry
  • Number Two (by Just Wimphof)  - Jill Bogers
  • Nyrone Fortuna (by Ferdinand)  - Julia de Ridder
  • Dark Rousseau (by Dettori)  - Kim Alting
  • This is Naqueen (by Trafalgar)  -  Kim Noordijk
  • N (by Indian Rock)  - Sem Stiemer

6-year olds

  • Hexagons Mr Magnum (by Expression)  -  Thamar Zweistra
  • Manila Grace (by Guardian S)  - Maxime Osse
  • Mayflower (by Havanna II)  -  Lisanne Der Nederlanden
  • Marilyn Morka (by Ferdeaux) - Tessa De Roon
  • Massimo (by Toto Jr.)  - Gerdine Maree
  • Mercurius ACM (by Dream Boy)  -  Amber Hage
  • Mac Toto (by Toto Jr.)  - Danielle Heijkoop
  • Mister Johnson J.J. (by Toto Jr.)  - Danielle Heijkoop
  • Mauro Turfhorst (by Zonik)  - Dinja Van Liere
  • Mission (by Eye Catcher)  - Femke De Laat
  • Magnum (by Fürst Romancier)  -  Kirsten Brouwer
  • Ma Belle (by Governor)  - Krista Kolijn
  • Porbarn Mellevanck PP (by Toto Jr.)  - Mara De Vries
  • Magic Johnson van de Edcohoeve (by Johnson TN)  - Curro Benitez Sanchez
  • Hexagons Gorgeous Black Art (by Toto Jr.)  - Benedek Pachl
  • Arizona TKJ (by Hette 481) -  Hennie Roffel
  • My Toto (by Toto Jr.) - Hans Peter Minderhoud

7-year olds

  • Luqiedo (by Aqiedo)  - Adelinde Cornelissen
  • L’Unique Sth (by Boston)  -  Nicky Snijder
  • Luna (by Governor)  -  Jessica Nijpjes
  • Lucrum (by Ferguson)  -  Lotje Schoots
  • Lord Platinum (by Ferguson)  -  Curro Benitez Sanchez
  • Linskymorijke (by Negro)  -  Marielle Spierings
  • Let’s Play (by Franklin)  - Meghan Mühlebach
  • Lennoxwaard (by El Capone)  -  Kirsten Brouwer
  • Las Vegas (by Ferdeaux) - Hans Peter Minderhoud
  • Lacrosse RS2 (by Ferdeaux)  -  Zoë Kuintjes
  • Hexagons Luxuriouzz (by Johnson)  - Thamar Zweistra
  • Firs Lewis (by Ferguson)  -  Niels Bax
  • Brinkhof’s Lots Of Likes (by Grand Galaxy Win) - Dominique Veenstra
  • Accountancy Leonardo Vdt (by Zonik)  - Christianne Goes
  • Lightning Star (by Ferguson)  - Kirsten Brouwer

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