Dr. André Hahn Appointed Managing Director of the German Oldenburg Breeding Society

Wed, 10/25/2023 - 20:10
Dr. André Hahn  :: Photo © OLD Art

Dr. André Hahn has been appointed the new managing director of the German Oldenburg Horse Breeding Association. As of 1 November Hahn will take over the management of the GOV in the Oldenburg Horse Center.

Hahn succeeds Heiner Kanowski, who was put on "non active" in March 2023 due to a difference of opinion with the management. Kanowski worked alongside Roland Metz, Bernhard Thoben and Hahn.

André Hahn

André Hahn worked for the Oldenburg Association from 2008 to 2013 as an assistant to the breeding and management team and was later primarily responsible for looking after breeders abroad.

In 2013 he moved to the Trakehner Association as deputy breeding manager for two years. Since his return to the Oldenburg Horse Breeding Association in 2015, he has played a key role in the breeding department as deputy breeding manager.

Inge Workel and Janou Mayer

Inge Workel and Janou Mayer will share the position of deputy breeding managers.

Inge Workel, born in the Netherlands, has been working for the association as an assistant to the breeding director for ten years. She has particularly enjoyed working with the team and supporting many Oldenburg breeders at home and abroad for years. Parallel to her studies, she worked as a correspondent for breeding and sports magazines. She then gained breeding experience at Gestut Lewitz

Janou Mayer shares her passion for horses from the ground up with her grandparents, who ran a breeding and training business. After completing her bachelor's degree in Lüneburg, she initially gained experience in the corporate world and then worked as a trainer. She completed her master's degree in Göttingen.  Last year she began working as an assistant to the breeding director at the Oldenburg Horse Breeding Association. She has, among other things, been supervising the research project as part of her doctoral thesis that deals with muscle integrity myopathy (MIM), previously referred to as polysaccharide storage myopathy type 2 (PSSM2).

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