Rothenberger Withdraws Farrington from 2023 Piaff Forderpreis Finals

Mon, 11/13/2023 - 17:30
Semmieke Rothenberger and Farrington at the 2023 European Under 25 Championships :: Photo © Astrid Appels

Semmieke Rothenberger has announced her withdrawal from the 2023 Piaff Forderpreis Finals which are taking place this week at the CDI-W Stuttgart on 15 - 19 November 2023.

The Piaff Forderpreis is a German Under 25 show circuit with four selection trials (Mannheim, Balve, Verden and Ludwigsburg)  held in spring and summer and the Finals in Stuttgart.  The participants to the qualifiers are decided at a training seminar and selection trial held in Warendorf in February. Approximately 15 riders are selected at the seminar to compete in the qualifiers and just 8 are invited to the finals in Stuttgart.

Rothenberger won the 2021 Piaff Forderpreis Finals on Flanell, but this year was riding them with the 13-year old Dutch warmblood Farrington (by Jazz x Samba Hit x Ramiro Z). The pair already won team gold at the 2023 European Under 25 Championships in Pilisjaszfalu last summer, but were eliminated in the short Grand Prix. More bad luck now as they can't compete in Stuttgart either.

"Horses are fascinating, but also very sensitive beings," Semmieke took to Instagram. "Unfortunately, Farrie spooked on the daily walk and ran against a post with his shoulder. He got a bruise in the process. He’s not lame but he’s naturally uncomfortable with the swelling. Out of consideration and love for Farrie, I have decided to withdrawn from the Piaff Forderpreis final and give Farrie peace of mind. It is of course very unfortunate because he is in great shape but the well-being of Farrie is always the first!"

Seven riders remain for the Finals. They are Luca Collin (Ferrero D), Felicitas Hendricks (Drombusch), Paulina Holzknecht (Entertainer Win T), Anna Schölermann (Bon Scolari, Triple A), Victoria Marie Schönhofen (Zack Zack Vs), Thomas Trischberger (Liverpool), and Lia Welschof (First Class, GB Dolcino).

Photo © Petra Kerschbaum

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