Hannes Müller: "Where is the Respect for the Animal?"

Mon, 02/05/2024 - 16:27

In the wake of the Cesar Parra alleged animal abuse case, the German Federation of Professional Riders (DRFV - BBR)  issued a statement as two German professionals are seemingly involved.

Hannes Müller, chair of the DRVF, used the following beautiful words:

"Such images bring the entire equestrian sport into disrepute. All those involved who use these methods that violate animal welfare must be held accountable. Where is the respect for the animal? Respect is defined as “tolerant, polite, honest behaviour toward others and compliance with legitimate social rules.” Respect means appreciation. Every horse deserves our appreciation!"

We, as professional riders, are particularly committed to horses and must act as advocates for the horses. We must work to ensure that we do not work against the horse's nature.

All we have to do is to continue to stand up for horse-friendly training with all our might, to teach and practice classical riding, and thus stand up for our horses and our sport."

USEF Issues Second Statement

USEF stated 'The training practices documented
in the videos cannot be tolerated in our sport.'
USEF, the United States Equestrian Federation,  issued a second statement on 5 February 2024 as published on Dressagedaily.com. It is not yet posted on their USEF.org website.

“On Thursday, USEF received video clips documenting abhorrent abusive training techniques by FEI dressage athlete and trainer Cesar Parra (USA) at his private training facility in FL. USEF immediately coordinated with the FEI. The following day, the FEI imposed a temporary suspension against Cesar Parra, which is being enforced by USEF at the national level, prohibiting him and his horses’ participation in competition.

"FEI has opened an investigation into the matter, and USEF is cooperating and supporting their efforts. The training practices documented in the videos cannot be tolerated in our sport. USEF is steadfast in its commitment to horse wellbeing and has committed its resources to supporting the FEI in bringing this matter to resolution as expediently as possible.”

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