Maximus Jung HP du Wincke, Djembe de Hus, James Bond de Massa Win 2020 French Young Horse Championships

Mon, 09/28/2020 - 14:50
2020 French Young Horse Championships
Jessica Michel Botton and Maximus Jung HP du Wincke at the 2020 French Young Horse Championships :: Photo © Les Garennes

The 4-year old Maximus Jung HP du Wincke, the 5-year old Djembe de Hus, and the 6-year old James Bond de Massa became the winners of the 2020 French Young Horse Championships held in Fontainebleau, France, on 24 - 27 September 2020. 

The French Young Horse Championships are traditionally hosted at the National Equestrian Centre in Saumur, but in this corona year they were relocated to Fontainebleau. 

Maximus Jung HP du Wincke

No less than 30 horses competed in the 4-year old division, which was won by Jessica Michel-Botton aboard Philippe Heussen's Oldenburg bred Maximus Jung HP du Wincke (by Morricone x Florencio). The ruled the roost and won all three rounds, the first presentation under saddle (92.00 points), the in-hand presentation to assess the conformation (87.50 points) as well as the second, final ridden round (92.40 points) to finish on a total of 91.833%. The black is bred by Philippe Jung. 

The silver medal went to Australian Rebecca Rooke aboard her own and Patrick Bernuchon's Oldenburg mare Muschamp Quelle Classe (by Quaterbold du Payrol x Herzruf). The pair had a bit of a whirlwind tour in Fontainebleau, finishing fifth in round one (83.00 points), but only 21st for confirmation (77.50 pts). However they made a stellar surge in the last round and ranked second with 85.00 points to finish on a total of 83.712 points. 

Pauline Guillem and the Hanoverian bred Loudzi Gold (by Livaldon x Scolari) landed the bronze medal with a total of 83.394 points. The pair was sixth in the first round (82.80 pts), 11th for the conformation (80.00 pts) and third in the finals' round with 84.20 points. The dark bay is owned by the company SCI Cotard Ivestissement.

Djembe de Hus

In the 5-year old division, French Olympian Jessica Michel Botton achieved an unprecedented feat: her horses took all three podium places and the gold, silver and bronze medal! Thirty pairs competed in the 5-year old division. 

Michel Botton and Djembe de Hus
Aboard Xavier Marie's Oldenburg registered Djembe de Hus (by Damon Hill x Argentinus) she won the title and gold medal with a total score of 91.469 points. Djembe de Hus dominated the first round with 91.200 points, scored 87.50 for his conformation (4th) and then won the second, final round with 92.000 points. This is Djembe's third, consecutive French Young Horse Champion's title.

Jessica and Andreas Helgstrand's newest acquisition, the Hanoverian stallion Zouzo (by Zack x Soliman de Hus), became the reserve champions with a total of 89.875 points. The tall dark bay stallion scored 89.200 points for a second place in the preliminary test and 90.200 points for second place in the Finals test. The licensed stallion earned 90.00 points for model (1st). 

Jessica and the Oldenburg bred Goldenromance Malleret PS (by Governor x Sir Donnerhall) finished with the bronze medal on 85.406 points. They were third in the preliminary test (83.80 points) and third in the Finals (86.000). The chestnut earned 87.50 points for conformation (4th). The liver chestnut is bred by Paul Schockemöhle out of his prize mare Gesina and is owned by the breeder in partnership with Haras de Malleret.

James Bond de Massa

The 6-year old division was slightly smaller with 15 combinations.

Arnaud Serre on James Bond de Massa
French Grand Prix team rider Arnaud Serre claimed the national title with Francoise Niclaus' Portuguese sport horse bred James Bond de Massa (by Bon Bravour x Xaquiro). The pair was second in the preliminary test (81.200) and won the finals (82.20) to finish on a winning total of 81.867 points. 

Nicolas Giraud and Sylvain Massa's Portuguese sport horse bred Jedai de Masa (by Don Juan de Hus x Galopin de la Font) scored the silver with 80.667 points. The pair was third in the first round (80.40) and moved into second place in the Finals (80.80 points). 

Antonin Schuchard and the Hanoverian bred Ninjago (by Negro x San Remo) had their hopes high for a gold medal after winning the first round (82.00 points), but dropped to a third place in the Finals (79.00) to finish on an overall 80.000 points for bronze. 

Text by Astrid Appels - Photos © Les Garennes, courtesy SHF

Results - 2020 French Young Horse Championships - Fontainebleau

4-year olds (top 10 only)

  • 1. Jessica Michel Botton - Maximus Jung HP du Wincke (OLD, by Morricone x Florencio) - 91.833
  • 2. Rebecca Rooke - Muschamp Quelle Classe (OLD, by Quaterbold du Payrol x Herzruf) - 83.712
  • 3. Pauline Guillem - Loudzi Gold (HAN, by Livaldon x Scolari) - 83.394
  • 4. Jessica Michel Botton - Fabio de Hus (HANN by Don Juan de Hus x Wanderbusch II) - 82.955
  • 5. Renaud Ramadier - Malcom X de Massa (CPD, by Galopin de la Font x San Amour) - 82.409
  • 6. Jessica Michel Botton - Guardian de Saint Val (SF, by Don Juan de Hus x Florencio) - 81.333
  • 7. Rebecca Rooke - Pour Andrig de Barroue (Trak, by Donaufruf x Sponeck) 80.485
  • 8. Pauline Guillem - Fitzgerald Monroe (HANN, by Franklin x Zonik) - 80.379
  • 9. Corentin Pottier - Queran Quido (BWP, by Bailamos Biolley x Gribaldi) - 80.045
  • 10. Alfonso de la Chica Parras - Dress Code de Malleret (Hann; by Dancier x His Highness) - 79.424

5-year olds (top 10 only)

  • 1. Jessica Michel Botton - Djembe de Hus (OLD, by Damon Hill x Argentinus - 91.469
  • 2. Jessica Michel Botton - Zouzo (HANN, by Zack x Soliman de Hus) - 89.875
  • 3. Jessica Michel Botton - Goldenromance de Malleret PS (OLD, by Governor x Sir Donnerhall) - 85.406
  • 4. Lena Thouvenin - Escolador LTH Dressvalue (OLD, by Escolar x Lauries Crusador xx) - 82.00
  • 5. Sarah Krusch - Furst von Bottlenberg (HANN, by Finest x Stedinger) - 80.938
  • 6. Christelle Marie - Kayden (KWPN by Desperado x Uphill) - 80.813
  • 7. Pauline Guillem - Magic Moment (HANN, by Millennium x Don Bosco) - 80.750
  • 8. Thomas Clivio - Krescendo des Hayes (KWPN; by Olivi x Gribaldi) - 79.688
  • 9. Charlotte Cesi - Dothraki de la Gesse (HANN, by Dragon Hill x Rubin Royal) - 79.031
  • 10. Victor Brua - Jin Xin du Montroyer (SBS, by Belantis x Weltmeyer) - 77.875

6-year olds

  • 1. Arnaud Serre - James Bond de Massa (CPD, by Bon Bravour x Xaquiro) - 81.867
  • 2. Nicolas Giraud - Jedai de Massa (CPD, by Don Juan de Hus x Galopin de la Font) - 80.667
  • 3. Antonin Schuchard - Ninjago (HANN; by Negro x San Remo) - 80.000
  • 4. Laetitia Isselin - Darling Flower (HANN by Don Juan de Hus x Rotspon) - 79.133
  • 5. Pauline Guillem - Barcelona de Malleret (OLD, by Bretton Woods x Diamond Hit) - 78.000
  • 6. Aurane Aldana Jague - Fargo (OLD, by Fidertanz x De Niro) - 74.867
  • 7. Alice Deleuze - Ezperanza Desir (SF, by Don Juan de Hus x Alabaster) - 74.200
  • 8. Aurane Aldana Jague - Baton Rouge K (OLD, by Bordeaux x Carolus) - 73.933
  • 9. Marie Lesnard - Erudit de la Baronnie (SF, by Negro x Hostens de Bel) - 71.467
  • 10. Diogo Pinto - Jaipur van de Jantoomse Fokke (KWPN, by Everdale x Weltart) - 71.200

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