Helgstrand Buys Mansion in Danish 90210 Community Hasseris

Sun, 10/31/2021 - 16:25
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Vossevej 27 in Hasseris, Denmark :: Photo © Google Street View

According to the Danish newspaper Nordjyske, Andreas Helgstrand  has bought a huge mansion and two adjacent building plots in the affluent Hasseris suburb of Aalborg, Denmark.

The newspaper called it the "the largest villa trade in North Jutland ever."


The mansion on Vossevej 27 is 800 m2 and was built by real estate agent Thorkild Kristensen in 1993. He sold it to real estate matador Jesper Skovsgaard of TSG Capital in 2007 for 1.7 million euro.

"The total amount, according to Nordjyske's information, is so high that the deal makes it by far the most expensive villa ever sold in North Jutland," the newspaper wrote.   The previous record selling villa in North Jutland was Klostermarken 41, also located in Hasseris. It sold in 2019 for 3.6 million euro.

Helgstrand will use the house as his private villa away from his stable Møgelmosegaard in Vodskov, north of Aalborg.  The house will first undergo renovation.

Danish Billionaire

The Danish mainstream media has been following Helgstrand's operations closely since 2018 when he sold 51% of his company to the private equity fund Waterland, which is valued at 800 million DKK. Nordjyske reported that Helgstrand's personal holding company Wama Consult Aps had an equity of 1.026 billion DKK in 2020. 

In 2015, Helgstrand explained to the Danish financial magazine Borsen that he was able to kick off his personal business in 2008 with the help of a sponsor, the now fallen millionaire Ole Vagner, who stood surety for the 32 million DKK (4.3 M euro) to buy Møgelmosegaard and 22 million DKK (2.9M euro) to buy five top hoses. In 2017 Vagner was declared bankrupt after a series of failed investments and accusations of a debt scam. He now lives in Cambodia.

Helgstrand went on to buy Windsome farm in Wellington, Florida and Gestut Famos in Syke, Germany, as well as establish the Global Equestrian Group with Ludger Beerbaum which bought up the Wellington show grounds.

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