Fourteen Colts Pass on Third Pre-Selection Day for 2023 KWPN Stallion Licensing

Thu, 12/01/2022 - 17:56
Parero (by Toto Jr. X Negro) :: Photo © Digishots

On the third day of pre-selection for the 2023 KWPN Stallion Licensing, fourteen colts were accepted to move on to the second phase. 

The KWPN Stallion Licensing Committee consists of Bert Rutten (chair), Johan Hamminga, and Wouter Plaizier. German Sönke Rothenberger assists as a new "apprentice judge."

A group of 46 colts was presented on Thursday 1 December and 14 of them were accepted. 

"We saw a big bunch of stallions in the arena today. From a stallion like Toto Jr we already have several licensed sons so we only picked the better ones for Den Bosch. This led to six colts accepted today," said Bert Rutten. "

Accepted for the second phase are: 

  • Patheon L.E. (by Hermès X San Remo) - Breeder: M. Schaap - Owner: Joop van Uytert
  • Piazzo (by Nespresso X Uphill) - Breeder: A Schonewille - Owner: Van Olst Horses & Schonewille
  • nn (by Fürst Belissaro X Furst Rousseau) - Breeder: H Eits - Owner: Reesink
  • Paso Doble Vz  (by  Glamourdale X Tango ) - Breeder & Owner: A. Koenen
  • Philipp-plein (by Fürst Dior X Totilas) - Breeder and Owners: Fam. Van Vliet and Joop Van Uytert 
  • Promes (by Glamourdale X Jazz ) - Breeder: G. Kolbach - Owner: Van Olst Horses 
  • Power Dutch (by Toto Jr. X Double Dutch) - Breeder & Owner: Stal Hexagon
  • Phantom (by Toto Jr. X Metall ) - Breeder & Owner: C. Heemskerk
  • Parero (by Toto Jr. X Negro) - Breeder: T. Bergmans - Owner: Andreas Helgstrand
  • Princeton (by Glamourdale X Don Schufro) - Breeder: Stal Willig - Owner: Stal Perlee, A Goldschmeding
  • Patchi (by Toto Jr. X Johnson) - Breeder: S. Wijnveen - Owner: Stal Leeuwenhof, C Rhebergen
  • Paycheck Texel (by Toto Jr. X Ferro) - Breeder & Owner: Wim Van Der Linde
  • Pharrell (by Toto Jr. X Spielberg) - Breeder: M. Boezel - Owner: Daliquart Bv
  • Pina Colada M (by Governor X Dayano) - Breeder: J. Mol - Owner: Rom Vermunt

Photo © Digishots

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