Selected, Dankesohn MBE, Furstenglanz, SPH Fortino Win 2023 Australian Young Horse Championships

Mon, 03/27/2023 - 12:58
2023 Australian Young Horse Championships
elliott Pattersen and the DSP bred Selected became the Champion of Champions at the 2023 Australian Young Horse Championships :: Photo © Equisoul Photography

The 4-year old Selected, the 5-year old Dankesohn MBE, the 6-year old Furstenglanz, and the 7-year old SPH Fortino became the winners of the Australian Young Horse Championships, held annually during the PSI Dressage with the Stars competition at the CDI-W Werribee. 

Selected was named "Champion of Champions" after a guest judge rider final with the four winners. 

The Australian Young Horse Championships follow the format of a first round from which the 10 highest scoring horses move to the second round, which are the finals. The others move to a consolation final to get the opportunity to ride in front of a ground jury two times during the event. 

4-YO: Selected

Elliot Patterson and the German Sport Horse bred Selected (by Secret out of Giant Luca (by Gardez)) became the winner of the 4-year old division in an impressive way. After winning the first round with 83.40 points, the pair wielded the axe of power in the finals and topped the board with 87.600%. The black got 8.5 for walk, 9 for trot, 8.8 for canter, 8.5 for submission and 9.0 for perspective from judges Elisabeth Max-Theurer, Mary Seefried and Jane Ventura. Selected is bred by Carina Zincke and owned by Samantha Sidwell, who bought the horse from Josef Wörner in Germany. In 2022   Selected was nominated for the Bundeschampionate under Lisa Horler, but it was Anna-Catherine Schöffner who piloted the horse to an 11th place in the first round in Warendorf.

The silver went to German born Alexandra Vodermair on the Hanoverian bred Exact (by Escamillo x Hohenstein) . In the first round she was 'only' 9th with 74.400 but made a giant leap on the board in the finals to finish second with 80.40%. Exact received 8.1 for walk, 8.7 for trot, 7.7 for canter, 7.5 for submission and 8.2 for perspective. 

The bronze medal was for New Zealand rider John Thompson aboard Julie Farrell's MI Toto (by Toto Jr x Apache) with 78.400%. The pair was also third in the warm-up round earlier in the week. The horse scored 8 for walk, 7.5 for trot, 8.2 for canter, 7.5 for submission and 8 for perspective. 

5-YO: Dankesohn MBE

Megan Bryant on Dankesohn MBE
In the 5-year old division, which was judged by Mary Seefried, Elisabeth Max-Theurer, Maria Schwennesen, Megan Bryant made a big leap on the board to grab the national title aboard the Australian home bred Dankesohn MBE (by Bluefields Dankeschön out of Favourite MBE). They were 8th in the warm-up round with 78.00% and won the finals with 80.000%. The horse received 8 for walk, trot, canter, 7.8 for submission and 8.2 for perspective. Dankesohn is the first born foal by the Australian stallion  Bluefields Dankeschön (by Desperados x Florencio).

Olivia Gillespie and  Nottingham GP  (by Daily Diamond out of Fivalita) were the runners-up with 78.800%. They came from a 9th place in the warm-up round with 77.8%. Nottingham GP received 7.8 for walk, 7.7 for trot, 8.2 for canter, 7.7 for submission and 8 for perspective. 

Lucy Cochrane and Lilian Savage's British bred Keystone Furstin Class (by Furstenball out of Macarther Royal Princess (by Royal Hit)) moved from a 9th place (77.8%) in the first round to a bronze medal position in the Finals with 77.20%. The horse got 7.9 for walk, 8.0 for trot, 7.5 for canter, 7.2 for submission and 8.0 for general impression. 

The winner of the first round, John Thompson on the Dutch bred Johnny B Goode MI (by Just Wimphof x Jazz) dropped to 8th place after showing too much tension in the walk in the finals. Also the runner-up of the first round, Deon Stokes on Axel DC (by AC-DC) struggled with the submission in the finals and finished 6th. 

6-YO: Furstenglanz

Caitlin Scott on Furstenglanz
Caitlin Scott and the Australian born and Oldenburg bred Furstenglanz (by Fursten-Look out of Feine) ruled the roost in the 6-year old division. The pair won the first round with 79.800% and topped the board in the finals with 79.600%. The second round was judged by Elisabeth Max-Theurer, Katrina Wüst, and Susan Hoevenaars. Bred and owned by Jess Moya, the black Furstenglanz scored 8.3 for walk, 8.5 for trot, 8 for canter, 7 for submission and 8 for perspective. 

The silver was for Samantha Sidwell aboard her own Oldenburg bred Asgard's Indico (by Ibiza out of Dreaming (by Rohdiamant)). They were 8th in the first round with 76.000 and landed second place in the final with 74.00%. The pair received 8 for walk, 7.5 for trot, 7 for canter, 7.2 for submission and 7.3 for perspective. 

Emma Hayward and Jasmine Haynes' Oldenburg mare Fleur de Cherie (by Furst Jazz out of Saniza (by Sandro Hit)) were good for bronze. They were second in round 1 (79.60%) and dropped to third place in the finals with 73.80%. This mare received 8 for walk, 8.2 for trot, 6.8 for canter, 6.7 for submission and 7.2 for perspective. Fleur de Cherie was the price highlight of the 2021 Horses & Dreams Online Auction.

7-YO: SPH Fortino

Roberta McKinnon on SPH Fortino
Just seven pairs competed in the 7-year old division and Roberta McKinnon dominated by winning both rounds aboard the Australian bred SPH Fortino (by Bluefields Floreno out of Donna Carina (by Welfenadel). Roberta and Fortino scored a winning 77.218% in the first round and aced the class in the finals with 76.815%. Bought by the McKinnons and Roberta's mom Ali Soster as a yearling, Fortino is bred by Andrea Beatty of Saffron Performance Horses. Dam Donna Carina was the Champion of Champions in Werribee in 2005 and also produced international Grand Prix horse and PSI auction highlight SPH Dante. SPH Fortino was the champion in the 6-year old division at the 2022 Australian Young Horse Championships as well as the champion of champions. Roberta is 6 months pregnant but feels comfortable and safe riding the liver chestnut in Werribee.

Matthew Lord and Australian warmblood Carool Charmer (by Charmeur x Regardez Moi) were the runners-up with 75.815% in the finals.  Bought by Tesse Ferguson as a yearling, the bay was first broken in by Tor van den Berghe before Matthew took over the ride. The pair was also second in the first round with 73.386%

Fiona Smith and the Oldenburg registered and Australian bred Bluefields Denoir (by Dark Fire x Florencio x Pik Noir) landed third place with 73.272% after also placing third in the first round with 73.375%. Denoir is bred by JJ Fuchs at Bluefield stud and owned by Jamie Smith. 

Champion of Champions: Selected

Evelyn Eger testriding Selected
At the end of the Championship, the four division winners compete against each other for the title "Champion of Champions". 

PSI/Hof Kasselmann's team rider Evelyn Eger had flown in alongside François Kasselmann, the long-time title sponsor of the event, and Eger served as test rider, riding all four horses and providing public commentary of the feeling she had in the saddle.

The 2023 PSI Australian Young Dressage Horse Champion of Champions was awarded to the 4-year old ‘Selected

Photos © Equisoul Photography

Results - 2023 Australian Young Horse Championships

4-year olds
Judges: Elisabeth Max-Theurer, Mary Seefried, Jane Ventura

  • 1. Elliot Patterson - Selected - 87.600% (Australia)
  • 2. Alexandra Vodermair - Exact - 80.400% (Australia)
  • 3. John Thompson - Mi Toto - 78.400% (New Zealand)
  • 4. John Thompson - Aber Dior Mi - 77.800% (New Zealand)
  • 5. Samantha Bartlett - Boutique Secret Playboy - 75.800% (Australia)
  • 5. Kristin Brennan - Mayfield Zeppelin - 75.800% (Australia)
  • 7. David Shoobridge - Vittorio DS - 75.400% (Australia)
  • 8. Elliot Patterson - CBM Presidents Daughter - 73.800% (Australia)
  • 9. Jamie Mita - BWS Kalliope - 70.600% (New Zealand)
  • 10. Hannah Rockwell - Jazdan Formidable - 69.600% (Australia)
  • Tegan Huitson - Secret Of Javion - ELI (Australia)

5-year olds
Judges: Mary Seefried, Elisabeth Max-Theurer, Maria Schwennesen

  • 1. Megan Bryant - Dankesohn MBE - 80.000% (Australia)
  • 2. Olivia Gillespie - Nottingham GP - 78.800% (Australia)
  • 3. Lucy Cochrane - Keystone Furstin Class - 77.200% (New Zealand)
  • 4. Tanisha Ryan - Severina - 76.800% (Australia)
  • 5. Tanisha Ryan - Sevenoaks Fenrys - 74.000% (Australia)
  • 6. Riley Alexander - Glenhill Vivid - 72.800% (Australia)
  • 6. Deon Stokes - Axel DC - 72.800% (Australia)
  • 8. John Thompson - Johnny B Goode MI - 72.600% (New Zealand)
  • 9. Serena Ireland - Flawless NGE - 71.000% (Australia)
  • 10. Brooke Wheeler - Jenjan Furst Arrival - 67.800% (Australia)
  • Katharine Farrell - Picasso Mi - RET (Australia)

6-year olds
Judges: Elisabeth Max-Theurer, Katrina Wüst, Susan Hoevenaars

  • 1. Caitlin Scott - Furstenglanz - 79.600% (Australia)
  • 2. Samantha Sidwell - Asgards Indico - 74.000% (Australia)
  • 3. Emma Hayward - Fleur De Cherie - 73.800% (Australia)
  • 4. Charlie Welsh - Ellanbrae Felton Gold - 73.400% (Australia)
  • 5. Daisy Fielding - Remi Lanikai - 73.200% (Australia)
  • 6. Danielle French - Hollands Bend For Amour - 73.100% (Australia)
  • 7. Anne Nelson - Rosevale Ballroom Blitz - 70.000% (Australia)
  • 7. Charlie Welsh - Ellanbrae Living Daylights - 70.000% (Australia)
  • 9. Nina Boyd - Furstine - 69.800% (Australia)
  • 10. Javais Ham - Mayfield Fez - 69.200% (Australia)

7-year olds
Judges: Adam Riess, Katrina Wüst, Jane Ventura

  • 1. Roberta Mckinnon - SPH Fortino - 76.815% (Australia)
  • 2. Matthew Lord - Carool Charmer - 75.815% (Australia)
  • 3. Fiona Smith - Bluefields Denoir - 73.272% (Australia)
  • 4. Elliot Patterson - Fidibus - 72.300% (Australia)
  • 5. Lizzie Wilson-Fellows - Lets Charmeux - 68.700% (Australia)
  • 6. Alexis Hellyer - Fritzio - 68.000% (Australia)
  • 7. Victoria Weir - Luckybird - 65.757% (Australia)

Champion of Champions

Judges: Katrina Wüst, Elisabeth Max-Theurer, Susan Hoevenaars, Evelyn Eger

  • WINNER: Elliot Patterson - Selected
  • Megan Bryant - Dankesohn MBE
  • Caitlin Scott - Furstenglanz
  • Roberta Mckinnon - SPH Fortino

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