Fairfax Classic Low Wither Dressage: For All Low-Wither Conformations

Thu, 03/30/2023 - 13:14
Fairfax Classic Low Wither Dressage - British Olympians Charlotte Dujardin and Gareth Hughes ride in Fairfax saddles

Fairfax Saddles has developed a dressage model specifically for all low wither conformations, regardless of width. It's not just super-wide cob types who have low withers and short backs, and so the slimline, compact panel on the Classic Low Wither Dressage offers great stability and works well on short coupled horses too.

The seat is a true dressage seat, designed to position the rider 'in' and close to the horse for a professional dressage feel.

Custom leg support can be achieved by adjusting the moveable block.

The Fairfax Classics are traditionally styled saddles but they still benefit from Fairfax’s innovative design features.

Made in the UK using the finest English leather, they are flocked with pure wool and the panels are lined with shock-absorbing Prolite foam.

All Fairfax saddles have a changeable gullet bar and a choice of girthing options.

Available in 17" and 171/2" in black only

For more info and to find your local stockist, visit www.fairfaxsaddles.com

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Low wither saddle for all conformations, regardless of width

Custom leg support by adjusting the moveable block