Fairfax Classic Low Wither Dressage 

Fri, 04/05/2024 - 18:10
Fairfax Classic Low Wither Dressage - British Olympians Charlotte Dujardin and Gareth Hughes ride in Fairfax saddles

Famous for its scientific research and use of design innovation, Fairfax Saddles now offers a professional-feel dressage saddle for all low-wither and flat back conformations (not just Cob-types). This low-profile design gives riders of all levels the feeling of sitting close to their horse.

A feeling of closeness can be difficult to achieve on the low-wither conformations – riders often describe feeling ‘perched on top’. Fairfax has eliminated this with its new low-profile tree and panels which follow the contour of the rounder, flatter horse perfectly. 

In addition, the shape of the versatile seat helps the rider to feel 'in' and close to their horse while maintaining a true dressage position.

The rider’s position is further enhanced by the moveable thigh block which allows the support and room the rider’s leg needs to be individually customised. The rider can move or even change the block to suit their leg position. The addition of deep cushioning and ghost stitching on the knee pad means the support is softer and more accommodating for a variety of leg lengths and sizes.

Low withers are often accompanied by a short back and so the compact panel with shallow rear gussets works well on short-coupled horses. The slimline front gussets give added close contact and stability regardless of back width, while the three billets and a choice of girthing options optimise saddle stability further.

Like all Fairfax saddles, the Classic Low Wither Dressage is designed and made in England and flocked with English wool. The panels are lined with shock-absorbing Prolite for extra cushioning and smoothness. Of course, it’s also adjustable through seven width fittings thanks to the SimaTree changeable gullet bar.

Sizes 17”, 171/2” and 18”

For more info and to find your local stockist, visit www.fairfaxsaddles.com

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