Gestüt Famos, aka Helgstrand Germany, Sold to German Breeder and Investor

Sun, 05/19/2024 - 09:57
Gestut Famos - Helgstrand Germany

Gestut Famos, the breeding and stallion station that is now known as Helgstrand Germany, has been sold to a German breeder and investor. 

Klaus Ostendorf

Gestïut Famos was founded by Klaus Ostendorf in 2002. Ostendorf made his fortune as an entrepreneur in the Wendeln/Müller bread bakery, which represented brands, such as Lieken Urkorn and Golden Toast, supplying McDonalds.

The 21-hectare property has 45 boxes, a EU-certified breeding station, eight grooms' quarters, three apartments, a guest house, and a main house with sauna and swimming pool. 

Ostendorf's professional career ended in tragedy with a hygiene scandal that had him convicted of fraud in 2012. He declared for bankruptcy in 2014 with a debt of over 60 million euro. He passed away on 31 October 2018 after a long period of illness. 

Gestut Famos was for sale since 2014.

Helgstrand Germany

In 2020 the property was listed for 9,3 million euro and moved off the market on 17 July 2020.

In August 2020 Helgstrand denied rumours that he was seeking to buy Famos as a German branch of his Danish sales and breeding business.  On 17 September the company "Helgstrand Germany Property GmbH" was founded and listed as owner of Famos. 

Eva and Ulf Möller headed the operation for Helgstrand, where some of Andreas' most popular breeding and sales horses are located. 

In 2023 Helgstrand's Global Equestrian Group came in troubled waters following financial struggles and company losses with financial backer Waterland seemingly withdrawing from all further investments and allegedly wanting money back. Several scandals in Denmark published in Danish newspaper Nordjyske and on television (Operation X) pushed the company into a slip stream.

Speedy Sales

GEG has withdrawn its ambitious plans to expand the Wellington horse show and they put the (jumper) horse show up for sale. According to a lawsuit filed, GEG has left business partner Mark Bellissimo with a debt of 1.2 million euro after not paying the lease to run the dressage show.

The Wellington yard known as Windsome Farm, which GEG bought in 2020 for 17.4 million dollar, has been put on the market. Half of the land already sold to an investor from New Jersey more than a year ago and rumours have been circulating that the same investor has also bought the stable.

Meanwhile horse sales in Europe continued at a steady pace: Olympic champion Jessica von Bredow-Werndl got the ride on Vogue after a German company bought him, while Bundeschampion Happy Days di Fonte Abeti and Nurnberger Burgpokal finalist Lord Europe also sold to new clients.

The property in Germany has found a new owner as well.

Maik Kanitzky

Maik Kanitzky
(Photo © Maxi Kraft)
German breeder, horse owner and Helgstrand client Maik Kanitzky has purchased "Gestut Famos".

"Helgstrand sells Syke, Stud Famos is back," Kanitzky confirmed to Eurodressage. "In the future, dressage horses up to Grand Prix will be trained there. At the same time, the proven stallions (at our own stallion station) will be marketed for breeding purposes. Furthermore, a cooperation with Helgstrand Germany is practiced at this location. In the future, joint cooperation should be practiced for mutual benefit."

Helgstrand added later to Eurodressage that “the details of the sale and future collaboration are still being negotiated,” stressing nothing has been definitively signed yet. 

Kanitzky runs the company Maxi Kraft, a crane service and heavy transport provider, and is a dressage lover.

He owns the dressage and breeding stable Heidehof in Züllsdorf, Germany, and Gestut M.K Ammerland in Wiefelstede, Germany. He is best known as the breeder of Sir Donnerhall I and II. He owns dressage horses Atterupgaards Barcelo and Virazzo, purchased at Helgstrand, as well as SegantiniValdemossa de Colonia and Barbor BS, amongst many others.

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