Mathilde Juglaret Loses Ride on Caporal de Massa

Fri, 02/24/2023 - 16:56
Kur bronze for Mathilde Juglaret and Caporal de Massa at the 2022 European Junior Riders Championships :: Photo © Astrid Appels

France's historic medal winning pair - Mathilde Juglaret and Caporal de Massa - are no longer a combination. The Lusitano gelding has been taken from the rider to be sold. 

Caporal de Massa is an 11-year old purebred Lusitano by Rieto out of Vexame SPP (by Xaqiero). He is bred by Sylvain Massa.

Serre & Massa

Arnaud and Anne Sophie Serre have been riding for French based Lusitano and Lusitano crossbred horse breeder Sylvain Massa for years.  Recently the couple moved to its own facility in France, but maintained strong ties with Massa who supplied them with a consistent string of horses.

Arnaud's biggest star, so far, is Ultrableu de Massa, while Anne Sophie helped France clinch a Tokyo Olympic team ticket on Actuelle de Massa. Other Massa horses that thrived under the care and training of the Serres were Vistoso de Massa, Alquazar de Massa, Addict de Massa, Dionysos de Massa, etc.

Arnaud Serre trotting up Caporal at
the 2021 European Junior Championships
Anne Sophie's daughter Mathilde Juglaret began her international dressage career began in the children division in 2017. She represented France at the 2017 European Children Championships with the Oldenburg Scarletto (by Sandro Hit x Frisbee). In 2019 she rode Venise de Massa (by Maestro JGB x Fuzilador OCO) at the 2019 European Junior Championships in San Giovani.

Caporal de Massa

In 2020 she was matched with Caporal de Massa and rode him to a 7th placce in the Kur to Music finals at the 2020 European Junior Riders Championships in Pilisjaszfalu. A year later they were 10th in the Kur finals at the 2021 European Junior Riders Championships in Oliva Nova, Spain. The pair also won the 2021 French Junior Championships

In 2022 Juglaret and Caporal really found their stride and made headlines when they won the Kur to Music at the 2022 CDIO-JR Hagen in Germany. At the 2022 European Junior Riders Championships in Hartpury, they were fourth in the individual test and won the bronze medal in the Kur

Combination's End

The Serre family recently sold Jojoba de Massa to American dressage rider and big time sponsor Akiko Yamazaki and shortly afterwards, Sylvain Massa decided to pull Caporal de Massa away from Mathilde to be sold as well. 

At the 2022 Europeans in Hartpury
"The world is crumbling around me, my other half, my life, my soul mate is being torn away," Mathilde took to Instagram. "The longest, most dreadful, heartbreaking and insurmountable goodbye I have ever had to face. Crying until there is not enough water left in my body to go on. (...) I of course did everything to fight against this awful decision, unfortunately when you are not the owner you have no power. Life separates us, tears us apart unjustly in the most horrible and painful way."

Photo © Astrid Appels

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