Twenty-Two Dressage Colts Selected for 2024 NRPS Stallion Licensing

Sun, 03/03/2024 - 07:30
Rico Norel - 2021 born by Iron x Uphill :: Photo © Sandra Nieuwendijk

Twenty-two dressage bred colts were accepted at the pre-selection for the 2024 NRPS Stallion Licensing. The pre-selection took place in Dronten, The Netherlands, on 22 - 23 February 2024. 

The NRPS studbook is a smaller, Dutch breeding society which includes horses and ponies and which often considered a second, alternate route for KWPN breeders to get their stallions approved. 

A record collection of 117 stallions was presented this year and no less than 59 of them received a ticket to the second phase, the actual 2024 NRPS Stallion Licensing on 23 March 2024.

There was green light for 22 dressage colts, 13 jumper colts, one Anglo-Arab, 11 dressage pony colts, 10 allround pony colts, and 2 jumping pony colts. The far majority of the dressage colts are KWPN bred and registered.

The 22 accepted dressage colts are:

  • D'Or  - 2021 by D'Joep x Zonik), 1.66m
  • Romaggio-Riche - 2021 by Dimaggio Black x Tolando), 1.68m
  • Renaissance KD - 2021 by Dream Boy x Tolando), 1.75m
  • Roald Sollenburg - 2021 by Blue Hors Farrell x Vivaldi), 1.63m
  • Red Cent Apple - 2021 by Blue Hors Fifty Cent x Bon Bravour), 1.65m
  • Roubaix ter Selle S - 2021 by For Ferrero x Sandro Hit), 1.66m
  • Reflection Jil T - 2021 by Franklin x Desperado), 1.70m
  • Roberto -  2021 by Fürst Dior x Love for You), 1.66m
  • Racoon AVE - 2021 by Vitalis x Governor), 1.65m
  • Roeber Groll - 2021 by Lantanas x Glamourdale), 1.67m
  • Rio Grande -  2021 by Las Vegas x Bordeaux), 1.70m
  • Rockstar - 2021 by Le Formidable x Vivaldi), 1.67m
  • Raffi - 2021 by Lord Romantic x Dorado), 1.69m
  • Rico  - 2021 by Mac Madison x Glock's Toto Jr), 1.69m
  • Remus - 2021 by Mansion x Daily Diamond), 1.68m
  • Sarai L - 2021 by Secret x For Romance I), 1.71m
  • Sir Weihe - 2021 by Sir Donnerhall I x Apache), 1.68m
  • Revival - 2021 by Totilas x Jazz), 1.73m
  • Pittsburgh-St - 2020 by Barton VDL x Blue Hors Don Schufro), 1.72m
  • Manhattan - 2021 by Merlot VDL x Hennessy), 1.68m
  • Roglic Norel - 2021 by Expression x Oscar), 1.68m
  • Rico Norel - 2021 by Iron x Uphill), 1.73m

Photo © Sandra Nieuwendijk

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