Danish Equestrian Federation Gives Update on Welfare Check at National Shows

Wed, 04/10/2024 - 11:18
FEI steward checking mouth and lips during a mandatory tack check at a CDI competition :: Photo © Astrid Appels

The Danish equestrian federation (DRF) has been actively inspecting the welfare of the horses at its national dressage shows and on 8 April posted its report on the first quarter of 2024.

"Horse welfare is one of DRF's values, and over the past few years, one of the areas of effort to ensure this has been the horse inspection," the Danish NF stated. "In 2023, the effort was concentrated around championships and B-events, while this year the horse inspections are carried out at all levels."

During the first quarter of 2024 inspectors checked 254 horses and ponies of which 11 got disqualified from competition - all due to mouth sores. In comparison: during all twelve months of 2023, 11 horses were also disqualified, but out of a total of 659 horses checked.

Club and Sports Manager Anne Silfwander explained, " I am of course, first and foremost, very sorry that the current status of our horse inspection shows that mouth ulcers can still be found among our competition horses here in Denmark. This is an area of ​​effort in which we at DRF have put a lot of resources. This applies both to the training of officials, communication about the challenges, as well as in the dialogue with DR-IF and coaches, as we collectively have to make an even greater effort to handle this challenge. This update shows that we must continue to focus on this area."

Silfwander explained that more checks will happen the rest of 2024.

"During the year, at all competition levels, you will be able to experience horse inspections taking place," she said. "In the same vein, we would like to encourage all riders to check their horses regularly, so that we make sure that all horses are fit to compete."

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This is the video the Danish federation shares on how to do a welfare check on your horse.