Back to Reality at the 2022 Hanoverian Stallion Licensing, Great Attention Paid to Animal Welfare

Sun, 11/06/2022 - 20:26
Premium stallion by For Romance x Franziskus at the 2022 Hanoverian Stallion Licensing :: Photo © Christina Beuke

Eurodressage's long-time contributor Kerstin Aronis has been our "stallion licensing" reporter from Germany for many years. Here is her view on the 2022 Hanoverian Licensing which took place on 3 - 5 November 2022.

The 2022 Hanoverian stallion licensing in Verden began this year with a novelty: for the first time the licensing was divided between dressage and jumping stallions.

More Time to Mature?

In addition, due to new conservation laws, the date for the dressage stallions was moved back two weeks and the jumpers will not be licensed until the beginning of December. The idea behind this was well thought out, not to put two-year-old stallions to work so early and to give them even more time for their carefree development.

But already in the last few years it has become apparent that the gap between the exhibitors at the licensings is getting wider and wider. For a long time now, you don't see the majority of raw youngsters at the pre-selection that were allowed to enjoy the pasture until August 1 and can still mature until the licensing, but already at the pre-selection you are amazed at how ready, muscular and mature the two-year-olds are in the majority. One can envisage the saddle and rider on it the next day without much imagination. 

Stallion "Market"?

And also the name "Stallion Market" should be changed to Stallion Licensing. Stallion market suggests that the stallions are also for sale, but the trend continues that the stallion owners from Germany and abroad now present their stallions "only" for licensing and they are not auctioned. 

I find it legitimate that the stallion owners do not put their stallions for sale, but think 4,500 EUR for a licensed and 6,000 EUR for a premium stallion are too little for this unique advertisement by this special Körplatz and live transmission and the amount should be urgently increased. 

So it is not surprising that Helgstrand sent three stallions into the race and showed a fourth stallion through his employee Udo Wagner. 

First Crops Make Up a Third

Bon Courage x Lauries Crusador xx
65 stallions received the coveted ticket to Verden, of which the first crop of different stallions could provide almost a third ( 20 stallions) of the collection. 

Bon Courage provided the largest share with six offspring, followed by Fusionist and Global Player with three sons.  If you looked at the mare lines, you could see how important the influence of Lauries Crusador xx still is and the Bolero blood was strongly represented with Bonds and Bon Courage.

On day 1 of the delivery of the stallions, unfortunately, only 60 stallions were present, five dropping out due to health problems. 

Nice Weather on the Triangle

The weather gods also had a mercy at the beginning of November and so it was cold but dry on the day of the outdoor triangular track and the stallions could present themselves in a great way.

Regardless of the too far development of some stallions, as already described above, there were wonderful stallions at the start. Modern, typey, and with a lot of charisma. 

They were able to present themselves well on the unique triangular track and the fact that there was no longer a walk ring as in the past was really positive. This was shown the next day after the free running in the hall.

The Impressions

Bon Courage x Compliment
The line-up of this year's stallions was opened by Bon Courage with his first crop.

Number 1 Bon Compliment, a powerful stallion out of a Compliment x Akzent II dam, was already a crowd favourite and showed all his class on the triangular track. Modern modeled and very relaxed in the basic gaits he could inspire. The next day on the lunge was a little rhythm unclean but he was awarded a premium and moved for 191,000 euros to the State Stud Celle. Congratulations to the breeder Heiko Bormann.

And also the catalog number 3, a stallion by Bon Courage out of a Lauries Crusador xx dam was awarded a premium and sold for 135,000 euro. 

Catalog number 7 out of a Fürst Romancier dam was very pleasing, but was not called for a premium. He was admitted to licensing and was also licensed, but it was noted in the catalog that he was sold in deviation from the auction conditions without insurance coverage due to his findings. But this did not stop a group of sellers and they bought the stallion for 94.000 EUR. 

Bonds x Dante Weltino
And then came the Bonds' squad. 

With the catalog number 12 Blue Horse presented a stallion who appeared only for licensing and has a Dante Weltino dam. He was awarded a premium.

And also number 13 Barbarossa, by Bonds out of a For Romance dam, was only shown at the licensing and not at the auction, but it was announced that he will stand at the Celle State Stud.

The next premium stallion was number 31, a very well developed horse by For Romance out of a Franziskus dam from the Schoemaker breeding farm. Exhibitor was Helgstrand Dressage and he was also shown only for licensing and not for sale.

At 44 came the next premium stallion by Le Formidable out of a highly successful show mare by Destano. He has a lot of balance in his basic gaits and a great trot mechanics. He was the first to go into the auction (often considered by the auctioneers as the top lot in the collection) and ended up selling to Baden-Württemberg for 161,000 euro. 

Rock Springs x San Remo
This year's top prize of 300,000 euro was won by a son of Rock-Springs x San Remo bred by Kai Ehlers. On all days with a lot of impression and uphill tendency on the way, he put a big exclamation mark on the lunge. There he could really impress and was proclaimed to the next premium. A great stallion of which it was said in advance that he already belonged to Helgstrand. Whether rumour or not, he was knocked down via the auction to Denmark and started his journey together with the next premium of the 48 by Secret x Don Darius. This black horse clearly had his highlights in canter. He cost 120.000 euro but was also rumoured to have been "bought beforehand."

The premium ring was closed by No. 57 Venturo, by Valdiviani out of a Belissimo dam . He was bought jointly by the Celle State Stud and Hoffrogge for 266,000 euro. 

Fantasy Prices of the Past

On average, according to statistics, a licensed stallion cost 101,826 euros. For the 23 not licensed dressage stallions had to be spent on average 28.783 Euro.

The fantasy prices of the past have been replaced by real stallion prices it seems. It was a healthy stallion market and quality was paid for accordingly. 

Walk the Walk, 

Valdiviani x Belissimo M
Some stallions unfortunately did not show the walk that one would wish for a sire and dressage horse, but this has been a development for many years that one should counteract as a breeder. The licensing committee can only select what is offered and the buyers see very well what they buy and what not. As a breeder it is up to you to choose a stallion that shows a safe walk. 

Another downer in my opinion was the lunging. There are still exhibitors who lunge the stallions too short and there were some unattractive pictures. I think the age-appropriate test on the lunge is a very good selection criterion. There you can see very well whether the stallions work over their backs or just trot grumpily like on the triangular track. On the lunge, however, some stallions lost quality. A stallion by Secret out of a Rohdiamant dam with the number 50 had to stop his lunge work. 

Animal Welfare

The non-licensed Valverde x Lemony's Nicket on
the lunge line. Only bandaged in front, bell boots without fur
During the licensing days, great attention was paid to animal welfare with stewards in the stable lanes and also on the preparation areas and this did not lead to any unattractive pictures, as had unfortunately always been seen in the past. It was a calm and concentrated atmosphere and it was nice to see a full Niedersachsenhalle again after Corona, applauding the stallions. 

The new rule that only the front legs were allowed to be bandaged in the lunging phase was greatly received. No more bandages behind, not bell boots with fur.

For the future, I would like to have the naming of a champion stallion back again, as it is common with other breed federations. This is simply the icing on the cake of every licensing.

Text by Kerstin Aronis for Eurodressage
Photos © Christina Beuke - Petra Kerschbaum

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