Oatley, Hennes, Miesner and Lang Rule the Roost at 2022 CDI-PJYR Aachen Dressage Youngstars

Wed, 11/30/2022 - 11:33
2022 CDI-PJYR Aachen
Rose Oatley and Daddy Moon entering the arena for the prize giving ceremony at the 2022 CDI-PJYR Aachen :: Photos © Lukasz Kowalski

-- CHIO Aachen press release, edited by Eurodressage

When the best aspiring young riders meet up at the Aachen Youngstars it is always like taking a look into the crystal ball: Since this is where the future participants of the CHIO Aachen meet up, it is the stars of tomorrow, who ride into the dressage or jumping ring in the indoor Albert-Vahle Arena. This weekend it was the top dressage riders that took to the ring.

The routes are short at the most famous showgrounds in the world. So, it is no wonder that most of the dressage riders take the opportunity to pop in next door and take a look at the Deutsche Bank Stadium. Because every year in the summer, the Werths, Dufours and Dujardins of this world compete in this impressive arena, which was especially built for the dressage sport. And let’s face it which aspiring young rider doesn’t dream of riding at the CHIO Aachen?

The CDI-PJYR Aachen has been held annually since 2017.

Ponies: Double hat-trick for Rose Oatley

That is a record! Nobody has ever managed to eternalise their name on the winners’ board of the Aachen Dressage Youngstars three times so far. Until this year. Then came Rose Oatley and her pony, Daddy Moon. Hands down and with the next hat-trick, because she won all three classes, the ultimate round on the fantastic score of 83.517 percent. Triple victory at the Youngstars 2022 and after 2019 and 2021 she was crowned Indoor Champion for the third time – wow!

“I am super proud of Moony and of us as a team that we have pulled it off here again,” stated Rose Oatley.

Riding Tovdal’s Golden Future Imperial, Mia Allegra Lohe finished behind Rose Oatley in second place on a score of exactly 79 percent. Scoring 77.467 percent, Julie Sofie Schmitz-Heinen and Chilly Morning WE came third, which meant it was also a German hat-trick on the winner’s podium.

Children: Belgium's Amber Hennes and the dream of the Deutsche Bank Stadium

Amber Hannes on Allegro van het Trichelhof
Taking part at the CHIO Aachen is also one of Amber Hennes’ biggest dreams. The young dressage rider from Aarschot near Brussels in Belgium won the Children’s classification (up to 14 years old, on horses). Despite her young years, she is already firmly intent on competing in the Deutsche Bank Stadium one day: “My big dream is to compete at the CHIO Aachen, of course!”

The chances are very good for the highly-talented pupil, who ultimately notched up a score of 81.542 percent on Sunday with her gelding, Allegro van het Trichelhof. A new personal best, her second victory in the Prize of federal promotion of children dressage sports and on top of that also the coveted sash for the title of Children’s Champion 2022. What’s more, in her last year in this age classification, “I very much hope I am able to return next year to compete in the Ponies or Juniors age group,” she commented.

Juniors: A dream comes true for Carolina Miesner

Carolina Miesner on Exclusiv
(Photo © Jill Haak)
Carolina Miesner from Scheeßel in Lower Saxony, made her debut performance in Aachen at junior level. And she was able to snatch the victory in the Juniors classification straight off. She is over the moon about the show: “It is simply awesome here. The festively decorated hall and the ground conditions are unbelievable. It has always been my dream to ride here one day.”

Her first appearance at the Aachen Dressage Youngstars could hardly have gone better. Especially since she also secured herself the title of the Junior Champion 2022  as the icing on the cake.

Jana Lang heads the field of the Young Riders

The 19-year-old Jana Lang was highly successful over the past days in Aachen. She pulled off the feat of winning all three classes. The young rider from Alfeld, to the east of Nuremberg, claimed the title of “Young Riders Champion 2022” as the overall winner. 

The Austrian rider, Paul Jöbstl, a participant of the current Programme of Excellence of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS also brought the Aachen Dressage Youngstars to a highly successful close with a fantastic performance in the concluding freestyle with his stallion Bodyguard. Trained down to a tee by the Head Coach, Isabell Werth, he came second behind Jana Lang. Moritz Treffinger, one of last year’s participants of the Programme of Excellence, finished in third place with Superstition OLD.

"Happy Faces"

Youth riders in the spotlight in Aachen
Birgit Rosenberg, CHIO Aachen’s Head of Sport and member of the board of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV), organisers of the event, was clearly in high spirits and totally satisfied. She was especially pleased that the young talents were so impressed with the event: “All we see are happy faces, the atmosphere is top and the sport really is fantastic.”

Rosenberg added that is remarkable to sense that Aachen is something very special for the youngest riders too and that the venue here at the Soers is simply exceptional. It is thus hardly surprising that Jana Lang also stated that “Aachen is simply the best show of the year for us.” And for a change reference wasn’t being made to the CHIO.

The Aachen Youngstars – dressage this week and jumping next week – form an important part of the youth concept of the organisers, the ALRV. “Promoting and supporting young talented riders and enabling them to compete at professionally organised shows is a matter close to our hearts,” explained Birgit Rosenberg.

Photos © Lukasz Kowalski - Jill Haak

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