Vanessa Way's NSC Andreas Recovered from Corneal Ulcer

Sat, 02/04/2023 - 18:37
New Zealand
Vanessa Way and NSC Andreas :: Photo © Libby Law

Vanessa Way's number one Grand Prix horse NSC Andreas has been temporarily sidelines with an eye injury but has recovered from the ordeal. The rider disclosed the injury and treatment her horse had on Instagram.

NSC Andreas is a 15-year old New Zealand warmblood bred gelding by Anamour out of Blue Willow (by Dynamit). He is bred by Brenda Bishop.

He was originally named NRM Andreas, but the prefix changed to NSC a few years ago.

NSC Andreas

Way trained Andreas up to Grand Prix level and followed in the footsteps of Vanessa's previous Grand Prix ride, Arawn, a Hanoverian gelding by Anamour x Genius which she sold in 2017 to Sarah Farraway.

Way made her CDI show debut on Andreas in 2018 at the CDI Feilding, winning the medium tour.  A year later they moved up to international Grand prix level and competed in Feilding and Hastings with top three placings each time. They were the 2019 New Zealand Grand Prix Champions.

Due to the corona pandemic all CDI competition in New Zealand came to an abrupt halt. At the 2020 Nationals they were third and at the 2022 Nationals the pair got silver. 

Eye Injury

Andreas' corneal ulcer
Most recently the gelding came down with a sore eye. Veterinarian Rebecca McKenzie diagnosed him with a large eye ulcer. 

"Corneal ulcers in horses are the most common eye issue seen and usually involves loss of the outermost layer due to trauma most often. They are an emergency consult as they are very painful and can rapidly deteriorate, in some cases to the point of rupture," said Way. "A careful exam of the eye and lids, local anaesthetic, staining of the eye with fluorescein and debriding of the surface to make sure no bacteria can sit under a flap of (clear) cornea usually takes place."

The horse underwent immediate treatment.

"Treatment is often antibiotic eye drops- which we administered 4x a day and also used plasma from the his own blood to stop the cornea from degrading to control pain in the eye, which my very clever vet nurse friend Abbie Deken administered and systemic anti-inflammatory medication," Vanessa explained. 

Quick Recovery

Way is thrilled that Andreas has made a quick recovery.

"Arnie has now had the tick of health and back to his sparky bright eyed self," she said. 

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