Forty-Four Colts Licensed, Five Premium at the 2021 KWPN Stallion Licensing

Fri, 02/05/2021 - 17:40
Next Pitch US (Geniaal x Hotline), premium stallion in the 2021 KWPN Stallion Licensing :: Photo © Dirk Caremans

Forty-four dressage bred colts were licensed at the 2021 KWPN Stallion Licensing in Ermelo, The Netherlands, which concluded on Friday 5 February 2021. 

Five colts were named premium. Since 2020 the KWPN no longer proclaims a licensing champion.

From Den Bosch to Ermelo

The 2021 edition of the Dutch warmblood stallion licensing took place in Ermelo instead of 's Hertogenbosch due to corona restrictions and was closed to the public. A big show was set up and streamed live with recorded stallion presentations, awards, and live talk shows in between breaks of the licensing. 

The licensing committee included Johan Hamminga, Marian Dorresteijn and Bert Rutten. 

44 Licensed, 5 Premium

Eighty-eight colts were selected for the second phase of the licensing at the pre-selection days in December. Exactly half of that group was licensed and will now have to do the mandatory stallion performance test in order to be accepted for breeding for the KWPN society. 

Premium stallion Nirvana (by Governor x Vivaldi)
While on the first day of dressage licensing (Thursday 4 February), many of the colts were short coupled and short necked, yet expansive leg movers, the second day (Friday 5 February) offered a group of colts more rectangularly modelled colts. Yesterday the Painted Blacks stood out and all four of them were approved, today the Franklins underwhelmed in canter and walk, but Geniaal stood out with three nicely modelled sons, two of them were accepted.  Just Wimphof presented the largest collection of colts for licensing; four out of a group of 9 were licensed. 

Interesting to note is that a small group of Dutch stallion owners dominated the licensing. Peter van de Sande is registered as owner of no less than seven (!) licensed colts, Joop van Uytert owns six, Ad Valk four.

Furthermore, Van den Sande's sire For Ferrero presented his first crop at this licensing. Out of just 29 colts born in 2018, three of them became licensed stallions. 

On Thursday the committee named four stallions premium, today they added just one more to the group, the Geniaal x Hotline. 

Five were named premium stallion:

  • Nirvano (For Ferrero x Charmeur) - Breeder: G. Strik - Owner: Peter  van de Sande & F van der Vegt
  • Nirvana (Governor x Vivaldi) - Breeder: Ad Valk - Owners: Ad Valk & Andeweg family
  • Nobel Prins (Indian Rock x Wynton) - Breeder: T.M. Borneman  - Owner: Ad Valk
  • Next Level/Nucturn (Jarville x Prestige VDL) - Breeder: Willy van der Aa - Owners: Van der Aa & Peter van de Sande
  • Next Pitch US (Geniaal x Hotline) - Breeder: Unlimited Stables 

The complete list of colts that passed at the 2021 KWPN Stallion Licensing are:

  • 305 Nasdaq (by Astrix x Lord Sinclair) - Breeder: A. Goldschemding - Owner: breeder and Peter Perlee
  • 311 Navarro (by Farrell x Jazz) - Breeder & Owner: De Dalhoeve
  • 336 Norado O (by Desperado x Johnson) - Breeder & Owner: P. Oosterbosch
  • 343 Nashville LMD (by Desperados x Westpoint) - Breeder: L. Martens - Owner Eugene Reesink
  • 364 Nero DDH (by Everdale x De Niro) - Breeder and Owner: De Havikerwaard
  • 381 Nebrasko Bo (by Ferdinand x OO Seven) - Breeder: M. Broens - Owner: C. van der Steen 
  • 385 Nitro L.E. (by Ferdinand x Charmeur) - Breeder: M Schaap & S. Janssens - Owner: De Debbehoeve
  • 387 Navarone D (by Finest Selection x Sir Donnerhall) - Breeder & Owner: Theo Driessen
  • 388 Nescio (by For Ferrero x Osmium) - Breeder: E. Van Zutphen - Owner: Peter van de Sande
  • 389 Navajo Indiana Jones BK (by For Ferrero x De Niro) - Breeder & Owner: B. Kortrink
  • 391 Nirvano (by For Ferrero x Charmeur) - Breeder: G. Strik - Owner: Peter van de Sande
  • 401 Next Romance (by For Romance x Rousseau)  - Breeder & Owner: W. van Manen
  • 405 New Market (by Foundation x Ferro) - Breeder: Mathijs Maat - Owners: M.Mat and Joop van Uytert
  • 420 Next Romancier (by Furst Romancier x San Amour) - Breeder: J & H. Humls - Owner: Rom Vermunt
  • 441 Norbert (by Toto Jr x Jazz) - Breeder P. van Doorn - Owner: Stal Leeuwenhof
  • 453 Nirvana (by Governor x Vivaldi) - Breeder: Ad Valk - Owner: Ad Valk and Andeweg family
  • 456 Night Sjadow (by Guardian S x Florencio) - Breeder W. van der Aa - Owner: W. van der Aa & Peter van de Sande
  • 487 Nachtwacht in 't Veld (by Incognito x Everdale) - Breeder: H. van de Bighelaar - Owner: breeder & Joop van Uytert
  • 491 New York (by Indian Rock x Havidoff) - Breeder & Owner: Andeweg family
  • 494 Nobel Prins (by Indian Rock x Wynton) - Breeder: T. Borneman - Owner: Ad Valk
  • 503 Next Level/Nucturn (by Jarville x Prestige VDL) - Breeder: van der Aa - Owner: Van der Aa & Peter van de Sande
  • 505 Next Destino (by Jay Destino x Cadans M) - Breeder & Owner: R. van Vliet and Joop van Uytert
  • 507 Newton TC (Jerveaux x Dream Boy) - Breeder & Owner: Tim Coomans & I. Verheul
  • 534 Nolegro (by Painted Black x Negro) - Breeder: J. Hansen & Van Olst - Owner: Gert-Jan van Olst
  • 535 Neville (by Painted Black x Contender) - Breeder: F. Van Beek - Owner: M. den Teuling
  • 536 Notable VDL (by Painted Black x Zonik) - Breeder & Owner: VDL Stud & Jackie Ahl-Eckhaus
  • 539 Nota Bene Prins (by Painted Black x Uphill) - Breeder: E. Fikse - Owner: Gert-Willem van Norel
  • 542 Nice Guy ES (by Quantensprung x Stedinger) - Breeder & Owner: Egbert Schep
  • 551 Nightfall-Utopia RS2 (by Secret x Westpoint) - Breeder: J. van Aarle-van de Wal - Owner: RS2 Dressage
  • 567 Nikkei Royal (by Trafalgar x Royal Dance) - Breeder & Owner: T. Van Dijk
  • 590 Verbier (by Vitalis x Don Frederico) - Breeder: A. Wieghaus-Vorwerk, Owner: Bennet Conn
  • 323 Nephew (by Daily Diamond x Johnson) - Breeder: Wijnveen - Owner: Jan Greve 
  • 348 Noble Savage (by Dettori x Rousseau) - Breeder: H. Verdellen - Owner: Eugene Reesink
  • 356 Nadal (by Dream Boy x Lord Leatherdale) - Breeder: C. Van Etten - Owner: R. De Veen
  • 362 Norton Sollenburg (by Electron x Charmeur) - Breeder: Adri Zekveld - Owner: Zekveld  & Joop van Uytert 
  • 410 Nashville (by Franklin x Contango) - Breeder & Owner: de Dalhoeve
  • 426 Next Pitch US  (by Geniaal x Hotline) - Breeder & Owner: Unlimited Stables
  • 427 Nyandro JZ (by Geniaal x Jazz) - Breeder: J. Zeewuster &  J. de Jager - Owner: Xhantos Horses
  • 515 Nick Wimphof (by Just Wimphof x Bordeaux) - Breeder: J. Naber - Owner: Joop van Uytert  & Stal Brouwer
  • 519 Nintendo DS (by Just Wimphof x Negro) - Breeder & Owner: D. Staller & D. Broekema
  • 520 Nicky L (by Just Wimphof x Ferro) - Breeder & Owner: Jan Lamers
  • 525 Number Two (by Just Wimphof x Ferro) - Breeder & Owner: G. van Esterik & Joop van Uytert
  • 564 Nixon (by Totilas x Jazz)  -Breeder & Owner: Sjef Jansen & de Beukenvallei
  • 565 Nielson (by Totilas x Don Tango B) - Breeder & Owner: Van der Heyden
Meagre Results KWPN Select Sale

While German studbooks were able to boast half a million euro prices for their top selling stallions at auction this year, the KWPN society was unable to convince enough stallion owners to put their colts up for auction through its official KWPN Select Sale.

Premium stallion Nirvano (by For Ferrero x Charmeur)
Only 12 colts were offered for sale in the hybrid auction and just two of them were actually licensed. Ten stranded in the second phase. 

The best seller was the licensed Nicky L (by Just Wimphof x Ferro x Abgar xx). He sold for 56,000 euro to a Dutch bidder.

The second most expensive horse was the licensed Norton Sollenburg (by Electron x Charmeur) who found a new owner for 40,000. The same price was paid for the non-licensed Notilas (by Totilas x Don Schufro). Both will stay in Holland. 

The non-licensed Nebraska VDP (by Dream Boy x Valdez) and Nordwaard (by Zonik x Florencio) both fetched 26,000 euro. Novak (by Sorento x Rousseau) sold for 22,000 euro. 

The majority of the non-licensed stallions sold for less than 20,000 euro. Napoleon SW (by Daily Diamond x Jazz) and Narcos (by Geniaal x Cocktail) for 19,000 euro, Naresh (by Franklin x Jazz) for 18,000 euro, N'Avichii (by Dream Boy x De Niro) moves to Germany for 16,000 euro, Nettori (by Dettori x Sir Oldenburg) for 15,000.  Tim Coomans' Norton TC (by Just for you x Ampere) was listed as sold for the opening bid of 8,000 euro, but was not presented at auction.

Most stallions sold privately before, during or right after the licensing. The licensed Nixon (by Totilas x Jazz), who is bred and owned by Sjef Janssen and De Beukenvallei), sold to Blue Hors Stud in partnership with Joop van Uytert. 

Photos © Dirk Caremans - complete picture gallery on Dirk's website

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