Seven Colts Named Premium at the 2023 KWPN Stallion Licensing

Sun, 02/05/2023 - 10:36
L'Avenir, crowd favourite at the 2023 KWPN Stallion Licensing :: Photo © Dirk Caremans

Seven colts were named premium on the concluding day of the 2023 KWPN Stallion Licensing  in 's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

A total of 33 dressage bred colts were accepted for the performance test, the final mandatory phase before a Dutch warmblood is allowed to breed, in principle. 

The annual KWPN licensing kicked off with the the approval of the jumping colts, followed by dressage taking centre stage on 3 - 4 February 2023. On Saturday the licensing committee brought the total to 33 approved colts with seven named premium

Le Formidable and Glamourdale 

Former licensing champion Le Formidable (by Bordeaux x Ferro) also made his mark in Den Bosch, after his offspring did well at licensings in Germany.  No less than 23 colts by Le Formidable were presented at the pre-selection int he winter and nine of them were accepted for the second phase. So far four of those passed.

Also Glamourdale (by Lord Leatherdale x Negro) saw four of his offspring accepted and one received a premium title.

Seven Premium, L'Avenir Crowd Favourite

The premium ring was quite interesting with seven colts getting the prestigious "quality label".

Power Dancing
The crowd favourite was L'Avenir who was already licensed for the Oldenburg verband three weeks ago. In Den Bosch, the tall liver chestnut also impressed with his high quality gaits and self conscious expression. He is by Le Formidable out of an Oldenburg dam line that goes back to Weihegold. He is bred by Christine Arns-Krogman and owned by the Dutch duo Saskia Poel (owner Le Formidable) and Karel Gerrits. Both in Vechta and Den Bosch the rising 3-year old colt, who had to process much at his young age in a few months time (just like every colt presented), was quite tempestuous in his behaviour.

Also Power Dancing  (by Glamourdale x Johnson) got his breeding ticket three weeks ago in Vechta and now became premium in Den Bosch. The long legged, long lined bay colt is bred by Freek Hoogenboom and owned by the breeder & Van Olst Horses. 

This scenario of KWPN stallions first presented in Vechta and then later on making their mark with KWPN itself is highly reminiscent of the path of KWPN keur stallion Johnson, who was first approved for Oldenburg, then still carrying his Dutch name Verdi. His Oldenburg licensing prompted the renaming to Johnson, before he was named licensing champion with KWPN in 2005. 

Witte-Scholtens and Van Olst

The KWPN unfortunately no longer names a "champion" so the crowd dictates who the best of the crop was. 

Interesting to note is that four of the seven premium colts were prepared for the licensing by Jeroen Witte and Emmelie Scholtens, and they own two of them. Also Gert-Jan van Olst, who is one of the biggest stallion keepers and rearers in The Netherlands, made high numbers count and took home two premium colts.

Danish horse dealer Andreas Helgstrand presented one stallion in Den Bosch, the licensed Parero (by Toto Jr. x Negro) who was also approved in Vechta two weeks ago. According to he also secured himself the premium colt Plusfour (by  For Romance x Apache ) and the licensed colt Proud James  (by  Jameson x Johnson)  in a private deal. 

The premium stallions are:

  • L’Avenir (by Le Formidable x Sir Donnerhall) - Breeder: Arns-Krogmann - Owner:  Karel Gerrits en Saskia Poel
  • Power Dancing (by Glamourdale x Johnson) - Breeder: Freek Hoogenboom - Owner:  breeder & Van Olst Horses
  • Prisco RS2 (by Tørveslettens Sylvester x Negro) - Breeder & Owner: RS2 Dressage
  • Pablo Picasso (by Taminiau x Florencio) - Breeder: M Ras - Owner: Witte-Scholtens, Eward Gal & H.P. Minderhoud
  • Plusfour   (by  For Romance x Apache ) - Breeder: B. Roerink - Owner: Witte Scholtens
  • Perle  (by  Kjento x Tuschinski ) - Breeder: L. Heida - Owner: breeder & Van Olst Horses
  • Pride  (by  Secret x Apache) - Breeder & Owner: Eef Ten Bosch

The other 26 colts accepted for the performance test after the second phase:

  • Favorite Song PS (by Fynch Hatton x Diamond Hit) - Breeder: Gestüt Lewitz - Owner D. van Silfhout & Nikay Van Duren 
  • Pio Cesare K  (by Vivino x Negro) - Breeder: R. Klinkhamers - Owner: Carlo van Trierum
  • Pachanga (by Apache x Desperado) - Breeder: Ad Valk & G. van der Koppel - Owner:  Ad Valk & I.P.S.
  • Pirelli  (by Just Wimphof x Governor) - Breeder: H. de Rijk & M. Hendriksen-de Rijk - Owner:  breeders and R. Kauffeld-Jansen
  • Purple Rain V.O.D. (by Desperado x Negro) - Breeder: A. van Os - Owner: Blue Hors Aps & Joop van Uytert
  • Pina Colada M (by Governor x Dayano) - Breeder: J. Mol - Owner: Rom Vermunt
  • Paparazzi Taonga (by  Vitalis x All at Once) - Breeder & Owner: Stal 104
  • Paddington Geuzenhof (by Lantanas x Krack C) - Breeder: S. Maakenschijn - Owner: Van Olst Horses
  • Puccini  (by Le Formidable x Lord Sinclair) - Breeder & Owner: W. Busser
  • Party Edition A  (by Livius x Florencio) - Breeder: Y. Ackermans - Owner: S. van Suchtelen v/d Haere &  R. Korevaart
  • Pitch Perfect (by Le Formidable x Vivaldi) - Breeder: H. Veurink - Owner: H. Veurink & Stal Laarakkers,
  • Private Dance (by Le Formidable x Johnson) - Breeder: R. Scheepstra - Owner: N. van Noord,
  • Paso Doble VZ (by Glamourdale x Tango) - Breeder & Owner: A. Koenen
  • Princeton (by Glamourdale x Don Schufro) - Breeder: Stal Willig - Owner: Stal Perlee & A. Goldschmeding
  • n.n. (by Glamourdale x Londonderry) - Breeder: Christian Thelker - Owner:  Blue Hors  & Joop van Uytert
  • Pantheon L.E.  (by Hermès x San Remo) - Breeder: M. Schaap - Owner: Anchor Excellent Horses
  • Puronn L  (by  Blue Hors Farrell x Rubin Royal ) - Breeder & Owner: J. Lamers
  • Parero  (by  Toto Jr. x Negro) - Breeder:    T. Bergmans - Owner: Andreas Helgstrand
  • Power Dutch  (by  Toto Jr. x Double Dutch ) - Breeder & Owner: Stal Hexagon
  • Phantom  (by  Toto Jr. x Metal) - Breeder & Owner: C. Heemskerk
  • Paycheck Texe  (by  Toto Jr. x Ferro) - Breeder & Owner: Wim van der Linde
  • Proud James  (by  Jameson x Johnson) - Breeder: Y.M.M. van Maasacker - Owner: M. Verweij,
  • Pontiac VDT  (by  Total U.S. x Ferro ) - Breeder & Owner: A. van de Tillaart
  • Prince  (by Kingston x Tango    D.J. Roefs - Owner: G.R. Plaizier
  • Pjento Naomie  (by  Kjento x Desperado) - Breeder: A. Beerens - Owner: Van Olst Horses
  • Palermo E  (by Kjento x Bordeaux) - Breeder: H. & H.J.C. Ebbers - Owner: Anchor Excellent Horses

Pio Cesare K
The KWPN Select Sale, the official auction following the licensing, is now in an online format and the bidding concludes on 6 February.

Photo © Dirk Caremans

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