Guinness, Best Seller of 2021 Van Olst Sales, Sold to Belgium

Tue, 11/02/2021 - 10:00
Van Olst Sales
The 4-year old NRPS licensed stallion Guinness (by Glamourdale) was the best seller of the 2021 Van Olst Sales

The 4-year old licensed stallion Guinness became the best seller of the 2021 Van Olst Sales of ridden horses of which the online bidding concluded on 1 November 2021. 

Guinness (by Glamourdale x Johnson x Haarlem) fetched 130,000 euro and found a new owner in Belgium. Also moving to Belgium is the 4-year old stallion Monsieur Rava (by Danone x Negro) for 17,500 euro.

Both horses were acquired by Marc Geerts' jumper brood farm Tommelberg in Loenhout, who have decided to widen their scope and include dressage in their programme. Both horses will initially stay in training at Van Olst in The Netherlands. 

International Customers

The second most expensive horse was the 3-year old KWPN mare Noire NA (by Painted Black x Lord Leatherdale), which sold for 90,000 euro to the U.K..

A German customer held the highest bid of 60,000 euro for the 4-year old stallion Depay (by Don Joe x Hohenstein) but that did not meet the reserve set by Van Olst and the horse didn't sell.

The oldest horse in the collection, the 7-year old small tour level trained Jack (by Negro x Flemmingh), stays in Holland for 65,000 euro. 

Noire NA (by Painted Black)
The 4-year old ster mare Mabel (by Dettori x Lord Leatherdale) sold for 35,500 euro to the U.K. She will be joined by 3-year old gelding Njaib (by Four Legends KS x Lord Leatherdake) for 24,000 euro.

 A Canadian bought the 4-year old KWPN gelding Mistral (by Fiamingo x Haarlem) for 22,000 euro.

Dutch Interest

Dutch buyers invested the most at the Van Olst auction.

They bought Liberty (by Negro x Montreal) for 55,000 euro, Irvin (by Inspire x Negro) for 33,000 euro, the 3-year old stallion Pinot Noir (y Painted Black x Chippendale) for 31,000 euro, the 3-year old Nic-Nac (by Everdale x Gribaldi) for 25,000 euro, the 4-year old Mauritz (by Inspire x Don Renoir) for 19,500 euro, the 3-year old Nirvana (by Glamourdale x Rousseau) for 16,000 euro, the 3-year old Navarro V (by Everdale x Ferro) for 14,000 euro, and Noir (by Painted Black x Lord Leatherdale) for 12,500 euro.

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